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  1. JimmyP117


    Liking the song choices on here! My chosen ten are: Showbiz, Muscle Museum, Futurism, Sing for Absolution, Ruled by Secrecy, City of Delusion, Darkshines, Assassin, Exo-Politics and Space Dementia. Would have had Hoodoo and possibly MK Ultra in there if they'd been on the list of songs. Really looking forward to the gig and can't think of a better way to celebrate my 20th time seeing them. Always best to be cautious with Muse these days so I'm definitely expecting 5-6 big hits to be in there. Let's hope the voting results gives them no choice but to bring out a good bunch of deep cuts and rarities.
  2. JimmyP117

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    Apart from the newbie thread this is my first ‘proper’ post, really glad to find there’s a thread on this here I’ve only become fully aware of my mental health recently and started seeing a counsellor in February. Initially it was to help deal with a trauma brought on by something awful that a family member went through last April. After a good number of sessions it’s also become apparent to me that I’ve felt deeply unhappy for a long time now and it’s been starting to feed/eat into my day to day life/mood. I don’t particularly enjoy my new job, I feel very lonely when in the company of others and my fitness has really taken a hit recently…so I’m not feeling very confident in my physical appearance either. A lot of my friends are moving into the next phase of their lives (relationships, getting a house and the like) and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything at all, sort of like the 'runt' of the group if that makes sense? I just don’t feel very happy in my life at the moment. I’ve mentioned it to a few close friends but not in great detail, for the most part I probably come across as my usual self. However, I’m aware that something isn’t right and I’m glad I’m finally doing something about it, been to the doctor about it as well but I want to hold off on potentially taking any medication and see if I can get by on the counselling alone. It’s been really good to vent/get this off my chest, even if it’s only in words. I truly had one of the best times of my life at Glastonbury last year (my first time) and I’ve been looking forward to this year more than anything. I wasn’t even aware places like The Peace Garden existed; I adore my Glastonbury group with but I’m definitely going to take a walk up there by myself sometime during the week and have some time alone. It’s great to know there are places on site where you can take some time out from all the madness.
  3. JimmyP117

    new here? introduce yourself

    I've been lurking for a few months now, figured I should properly say hi! This year will be my second trip to the farm, after failing in 2015 but getting to go last year. Despite being excited to go last year I was really unsure how I'd find it all, being my first festival (also, coping with all the boozing) but I held it together and can honestly say it was one of the greatest weeks/moments of my life. The amount of stuff do at Glastonbury is staggering, I felt like I saw about 10% of the place first time round. The people I go with really make it all the more special too. Can't wait to do it all again