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  1. What are the chances of keeping Macca and the rest of the line up on board? knowing absolutely zero about the music business, it must almost be like starting all over again for Emily, I would guess.
  2. If you think about it, getting through for a ticket next year could be much, much easier. Assuming 120,000 people roll their tickets over, then in theory that's 120,000 fewer people trying to log on to Seetickets. Should be an absolute doddle for all the ticket veterans out there
  3. A whopping forty-one on there for me after playing Brave Sir Robin's playlist almost non-stop for about 2 months now. Well worth the effort. Somebody who works at the BBC has just told me that Lana del Ray has cancelled already. Anybody else heard that one?
  4. I don’t want to hijack your post, but I have a similar story, some of which might help. My wife Sue was in a hospice, terminally ill with cancer when tickets went on sale for Glastonbury 2016. From previous years the family (two sons, a daughter, plus friends and partners) had a Whatsapp group to organise tickets, and as we discussed who was going etc. we received a message from Sue in the hospice saying simply: “Planning a trip without me?” It was a tough reminder of the situation, but she clearly wasn’t well enough to go. Amazingly, we all got tickets, which meant we would all be together, but with one key person missing. By some miracle, the drugs she was taking started to control her pain and symptoms, and she was able to return home again. However, as the months wore on the cancer inevitably took hold once more, and she was readmitted to the hospice in late Spring. Despite this, she showed enormous resilience and was determined to continue to live life to the full. The family decided how wonderful it would be for her to come to Glastonbury for the first time. Looking back it was a crazy idea, but we all loved the place so much and knew she would too. She was keen, so we spoke to the doctors, and to our surprise they gave her permission to go. We didn’t get a ticket in the resale, unfortunately, so I wrote to Emily and See Tickets explaining the position, and to our surprise, See rang us and said they could provide a ticket. The hospice made extensive arrangements with the Glasto medical team and everything was put in place to make some unbelievable memories for the family. When we arrived, Greenpeace met us and allowed us to park within the festival site, and took us up to the hospital tent in a Land Rover, where we handed over the various drugs that we had been provided. Unfortunately, that made us late and we could only find a tent space directly behind Silver Hayes – the tent literally shook with drum and bass every night until 3 or 4 am. Somehow, though, we slept like logs. Every day we had to make the long walk up to hospital tent for injections and dressing changes, and this was the muddiest year on record. The staff were absolutely fantastic throughout. After each visit we rested in the Church marquee next door – neither of us were religious, but the people there were fabulously kind. Sue was really fan or R&B and Soul, but she watched Muse in awe – she had never seen anything like it. Coldplay were absolutely stunning and put on a spectacular show, and I have a wonderful final memory of us both watching Adele from the hill, clinging to each other in tears as those huge eyes on stage opened and she sang “Hello”. It was the most fantastic of festivals that year – not just the music, but the kindness and love we came across wherever we went. We have a wonderful video of us all together singing along to Madness “It Must be Love”. Afterwards, Sue returned to the hospice and somehow survived another 4 months. I returned to the church the following year to tell them what had happened and they remembered Sue well So I guess the moral of the story is to be prepared for the medical situation, which unfortunately may be a lot worse than it is right now. We certainly couldn't have coped without the fantastic medical team, who changed dressings, administered various drips and drugs, and gave us the confidence to take on what is quite a difficult environment , even for somebody in full health. I really hope it goes as well for you as it did for us - fantastic memories for the entire family
  5. How about this for an idea – on the days before the first poster is released, Jo Whiley does a slow-reveal on her show, playing a track from each of the acts on the main stages in reverse order, peaking with the Pyramid line-up. Maybe it would need to take place over a few days, come to think of it – could include brief interviews with the bands, perhaps get Emily on there too? Worth paying your BBC licence fee for, I reckon.
  6. Great video, Gnomicide. You really captured what it's like wandering around and coming across unexpected gems. Here's a really short clip from the secret set by the Killers at John Peel in 2017. No prizes for guessing the song.....
  7. Stevie P-alike

    Fan Footage

    Tin hat on. OK, I know people waving their mobile phones around is 100% annoying, but nothing gets me more excited for Glasto than a brief clip taken from within the crowd - the kind of stuff you don't get to see on the BBC. I've just come across this on my phone. Whether you love Liam or not, you've got to admit it captures the excitement pretty well. Anybody else got anything they would like to share - especially from some of the smaller venues? Liam Glastonbury.mp4
  8. It's definitely a bit mad to set off flares amongst a huge packed crowd, but then there's a lot of things that are enormous fun that wouldn't pass Health and Safety laws. I'm finding myself slightly in the "for" camp.....and lets remember, Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" wouldn't have existed without a flare or two
  9. I meet up with an old mate about once or twice a year, and at some point in the day we'll get onto the topic of festivals. This happens every year after a few drinks, and the conversation is always identical. We both love our music, and at some point I'll say to him "Why don't you come to Glasto with me next year". He'll then go through a load of reasons why he'd hate it : too big too many people I want to see the bands, not just watch it on the screens too much choice - too many clashes etc. etc. I always end up saying that I bet he doesn't know anybody who's actually been to Glasto that didn't enjoy it...and actually he doesn't. But there must be some. Just wondering if anybody knows anybody, and why
  10. Brilliant - I had just started to set one up myself. I can go back to literally doing nothing now
  11. Steve 'Interesting' Davis (fingers crossed)
  12. Really sorry about this - I'm sure the info is in there somewhere, but I've been looking for a while and can't find it When you get into a group with strangers, surely giving out your card details is a massive risk? I'm sure 99% of the people on here are honest, but getting somebody's details and security number opens up all sorts of fraud opportunities for somebody with villainous intentions, and the credit card company wouldn't be very helpful once they found out how your details were obtained. What am I missing?
  13. We had 18 people in groups of 6. prepared to go from any city in the country. Zero tickets purchased. Two of us got through to selecting a coach package, but never any further. I was so traumatised by getting so close, I woke up at 3am the next day and decided to check my bank account and email to see if a sale had somehow gone through. The next morning I realised I hadn't at any point entered my credit card details, so getting tickets couldn't possibly have happened.
  14. There are six of us planning to try coach travel this year - does anybody know if the system allows, for example, three of us to select Cambridge, and three to choose London as a departure point? Or does everybody on a single booking have to leave from the same place ? Can any wise-old heads out there remember?
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