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  1. Stevie P-alike

    The blues are sinking in

    I'm still there in my head....I've had iPlayer on all day, and there are still tons of acts to see. Weirdly, I've started by watching all the sets I saw live. BBC have done a good job, and at this rate the comedown could take a couple of weeks
  2. Stevie P-alike

    Arriving Thurs mid afternoon

    We arrived about 4 on Thursday last year and couldn't find a blade of grass anywhere. Ended up at the bottom of the hill between the Beat Hotel, Silver Hayes and the Blues. It was absolutely deafening through until about 5am. Unbelievably we all slept like logs for the whole weekend.
  3. Stevie P-alike

    Is it time to say "it's too hot"

    Now look at what you've done . BBC are now predicting rain for Friday, and Accuweather says it'll be wet Saturday and Sunday. You should never upset the weather gods
  4. Stevie P-alike

    In two weeks time i'll be...

    .....practicing carrying two tents and my overnight gear. Somehow, as I'm on a Wednesday coach, I've got the job of setting up tents for 5 people before the others arrive Thursday and Friday. So if you see a 63 year old guy battling in the wind and rain with two tents flapping around his ears, it would be great if you could stop to give me a hand
  5. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

  6. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    Yes, I found that on my phone this morning. And if you type the same address into a Desktop, it says PAGE NOT FOUND. The secret resale seems to be moving more and more out of our reach
  7. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    Ha ha - Toots and the Maytals have been around since the 60's. I can remember all the skinheads dancing to them. I know what you mean though, I've been listening to them since they appeared on efestivals line-up rumours and they've got some great songs
  8. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    Probably not what you're looking for, but I'll never forget my terminally ill wife (she died in November) with tears running down her face when Adele's stage-eyes opened for Hello last year.
  9. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    No emmaroid, your photo is giving nothing away
  10. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    I bet it was pretty lawless in those days. Not sure I'd fancy that to be honest. My lad has his sleeping bags and mattress stolen, bought a whole new set, and returned the next night to find that had been stolen too. The good old days always sound better than they were if you ask me
  11. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    So what's the link? - the one I've been using for three weeks now says "Event not found"
  12. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    My kids took me for my 60th birthday (luckily it was the Stones year). Have been every year since. Ironically, I got a ticket this year, and two of my kids didn't. I'll be travelling down solo on one of the London coaches. Should be interesting.....
  13. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    But why event not found, all of a sudden? That's what happened just after the non - secret resale. Have See removed Glasto from their event list altogether now?
  14. Stevie P-alike

    Secret resales

    http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/addregistrations has been resulting in a red "sold out" message for the past three weeks. Today it says "event not found". Have I missed something?
  15. Stevie P-alike

    How many times have you been to Glastonbury! POLL

    My first was 2013 - my kids took me to celebrate my 60th birthday, What a bonus, as it was Stones year (my all time favourite band). Absolutely loved it, so went again last year, and have also got tickets this year. For a while I was going on my own, as I bought a single coach ticket in the resale. Luckily, one of my sons got 4 more tickets in the normal resale, so at least I have somebody to hang around with