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  1. Go to Europe. Bilbao BBK one weekend then straight down to Benicassim. Always cracking line ups.
  2. Yeah and the cops try humour him with "oh I'll check that out later." Wonder what tattoos he was trying to show? Stickman = Cool... EV portrait = stalker / lukin type situation.
  3. @guypjfreak Is this you mate?? http://www.nme.com/news/music/pearl-jam-even-flow-arrested-live-pd-2122040
  4. Noooo it won't be a gorillaz but I get what you're saying and sort of agree. How many casual music fans would know anything off Lightning Bolt, Backspacer, Avo, Riot Act or Binaural??? Not many.
  5. I honestly think Eddies voice is half shot nowadays and he'd get found out under the live spotlight at Glasto. He was Obvs good solo but he couldn't reach the high parts he used to,nor go too deep. Did you hear the Leeds bootleg? One of the best shows of my life but Christ it was painful at times listening back to it. He might have had a cold or something, but I think it's cracked long term. Interesting to see the upcoming DVD of the US shows last year and compare.
  6. Ha I just asked him about the milk on Twitter in his 'Q&A' and the funny fucker actually responded, the Arrogant tosser.
  7. Pretty much what I've been saying for awhile, and earlier in the thread last week. Same conclusion but from a differeht angle, the artists. Time for a national licensing body to deal with this and bring it all under one controlling body responsible for H&S and planning. These small ones deal with and gain licenses from disparate city and council departments who may not have ever had to deal with event management like this.
  8. Bonaneas

    One month on...

    I get it. Tough comedown this year compared to others. I went to Beni last minute to help the post Glasto come down but when I got back from Spain it got worse cos that was the best week of my life too!
  9. I think it all hinges on a new record. Which usually means more dates and EU promo work etc. Haven't heard anything about studio work, and it's doubtful given EV had been on tour. I learned loooong ago not to hold me breath with this band though !!
  10. They won't be in Europe though. If they hit South America they won't come to Europe in same year. 25 shows worldwide tops, that's that, even if they did tour which is doubtful without a new record. PJ Shows 2017 - 26 shows EV solo - (13 in EU, 3 in US) 2016 - 24 shows (US / CAN) 2015 - 10 shows (9 South America, 1xUS) 2014 - 32 shows (14 USA, 12 EU, 6 AUS) 2013 - 30 shows (27 in N.Amer, 3 in S.Amer) 2012 - 18 shows (5 in US, 13 in EU) 2011 - 22 shows, (10 in S.Amer,12 N.Amer.) 2010 - 26 shows (11 EU, 15 US) 36 shows in Europe in 8 years....Christ they're even lazier than I thought they were !!!! Ah well at least they saved their best and 2nd longest show ever for Leeds 2014!
  11. See the 5 previous pages of chat regarding corporate ownership and profiteering being put before safety and comfort of punters. A worrying trend that's getting worse year by year as there are more and more festivals taking place.
  12. For those going to Hope & Glory in Liverpool I hope you got in. Sounds like utter chaos and shambles. Bands running over two hours late. Impossible to get a drink, over crowded and feeling unsafe. Group of 5 friends went, first three queued for 2 hours to get in, the other two went a bit later but were refused entry cos they were told the festival had 'oversold tickets'! They have hotel booked etc and bought their tix months ago on early bird. Utter disgrace. Who runs Hope & Glory? Add them to the black list.
  13. Bonaneas

    One month on...

    Can we walk through the site along the railway track?? And up to the stone circle ?
  14. 1. Napalm Death - 2017. the rest? Meh.
  15. Bonaneas

    One month on...

    That's bloody lovely mate. Thanks for sharing. I'm leaving the country in a few days (probably permanently) and am tempted to pop down for a wistful walk about the farm before doing one. Is that possible ?
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