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  1. That bar. Actually a good selection of keg. Weirdly several are tucked away at the back out of sight in some anonymous machine
  2. I think this is funny. Unless you genuinely like dogs 🐶 😆
  3. What about foreign airports? Are they scanning or just reading? I’ve not travelled abroad (apart from Wales!) since 2019
  4. Yep - I've had a few now: Latitude, Hampton Court (Bastille), New Day Festival and Idles in Kingston last week and not once has anyone scanned my barcode or compared it with ID. Even less useful than a LFT that relies on you being honest about the result (or that you even did it). Boardmasters can bang on all they like about all the testing etc they undertook but it's clear that none of them is taking it seriously enough to stop asymptomatic people getting in.
  5. Is it reduced capacity then this year? Or just not so popular? The crowds in the photos I’ve seen seem far smaller than normal
  6. Yep. Go onto the app and click on schedule. At the top of each day there's a button for upgrade to VIP (no View option). £40 for today and tomorrow, £30 for Monday (day I'm going). Think that's about half price if I'm right ... Report from a mate last night that there's ale in VIP but the food's shit (in his view) although better queues than outside. Nice place to hang though apparently.
  7. Great thanks. Means I can have a snooze on the way back and not worry about missing my stop 😴
  8. Thanks for the tip off about the Playnext bar. I bought one of the upgrades from the app yesterday so I guess there’s a chance of more choice in the VIP bar.
  9. Anyone know if Hackney Wick works? It’s easier for me as I can just sit on the Overground from Richmond
  10. I’m interested in this too: any craft beer/real ale? I’m not holding my breath …
  11. Is the Kraken bar all DJ sets? I like the sound of Art School Girlfriend but thinking it might not be a live set from the description of the stage vibe
  12. Hang on - you're right! I'd forgotten that. Although of course they're just relying on the info we gave as there were no ID checks. There weren't any checks of my double vax either. I couldn't get a signal so just showed a printout, which could have been anyones. I've been pinged since I got back (think it was from Sunday) so there were certainly cases around. Just went to show how much of a sledgehammer the app is. The only time I ever felt I might be at risk was in the Alcove (Vlure @bethannny - thanks for the Dice tipoff!) but I spent most of Sunday outside either at the Obelisk, BBC Introducing or on the edge of Sunrise. You're never going to catch Covid there.
  13. But how are they going to get results? wasn't the Sefton Park gig dependent on people doing LFTs afterwards? Latitude don't even know who was at the festival - only the names of those who bought the ticket. And I've not been asked if I tested positive. I think once the government gave the green light for festivals, Melvin pulled the budget and decided to just do a bit of smoke and mirrors
  14. Any ideas who might replace Arlo Parks?
  15. I’ve stuck with Shedhead. Nice enough but not a session beer - not at my age anyway. There’s a small ‘secret’ bar between BBC and Main that has Hobgoblin on draught but can’t work out the access requirements. I sneezed in behind security but the queue was too long and I left to watch a band.
  16. OK so the main bar’s only got one ale and it’s keg (Shedhead) and the Craft bar only has 2 draught (both keg) Brooklyn Defender ( too strong) and London Fields Pils. Is that it? No cask at all. Has anyone found any?
  17. Seriously?! Don’t think I’ve used that since March 2020
  18. Same friend: Had a bit of an incident went to get our armbands early at a tent in our camping compound and got told “you’re in the wrong place, you should in general camping, you’ll have to move. You can’t have a family camping wristband without a family, it’s Safeguarding doncha know.” “Your security inspected the tickets and sent us here” I protested. “ I’ve pitched now and have no intention of moving” “No kid, no family band, no re-entry to this compound , you’ll have to move” said the adolescent manager. “It’s Safeguarding” Trying a different tack I advised that we are very unlikely to be the sole “General” in “Family” sans enfant as all the bloody camper vans were sent this way, kids or not. They thought about this for a while and suddenly accepted the mistake was of their making and gave us Family armbands. We are about half a mile closer to the entrance as a consequence. Next year we need to borrow a kid.
  19. Friend set up in Campervan area
  20. It is. Glad to hear it - I only chose it on location. Shame it’s not free next June 😉
  21. I’ve decided to keep my Airbnb at Steanbow. Now there’s no gig, good weather’s guaranteed and we can hopefully wander round the farm and dream of what might have been 💭
  22. Remember that Secret Glasto Sets thing where we’d get a text when a secret set had been spotted? I miss that.
  23. We went to a Saturday morning matinee at the Barbican once and when we got to the front they said '... and how many children?' we said we didn't have any and they refused us entry 🙂 People in the queue offered us theirs but the box office said it was too late - we'd been outed.
  24. Shame I really liked the sound of her, though she is playing a couple of London gigs so might catch her there
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