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  1. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Great virtual meets this weekend:-)
  2. Not to bad , how you holding up , have you managed to keep clear of the Rona ?
  3. i assume you are going to populate the spreadsheet , then start talking helper ? i am of course more than happy to assist to get fellow efesters through the green gates of wonder 🙂
  4. Really, I thought you might go for it , can I talk you into it , I think you might enjoy it lol
  5. 100% . It’s bloody happening, let’s get on the magical side of those green gates 🙂
  6. “Tickets purchased in resales after March 8th 2022 must be paid for in full at point of booking” the above is taken from GF website, it would indicate they aim for a resale early/ mid March
  7. i tend to agree , i think the resale pot will be at least double the normal amount , bearing in mind the fest in 2020 was pulled just before resale so those " normal " returns to the pot were already in the bank , now on top of that the effect of CV19 , and people circumstances changing over nearly two and a half years , its going to be a good amount . i can see a percentage increase on people who want to tick that bucket list and with all the unknowns of Corona Virus may think its time to live for the day , but to balance that out there will be a number who dont want to be in a crowd of 135,000 people.
  8. Rite back at ya buddy , been working my finger out pointing at asshole MP's , so its had a hell of a work out , already and waiting to go
  9. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Oooooooh , we got the forum back , nice work Neil
  10. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Is there a virtual doo dah what’s it thingy me bob tonight?
  11. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Ah , phone in bedroom, flat battery
  12. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Can’t seam to connect
  13. thats ok then , word is she has hospitality tickets sorted for you ??? and of course a AAA pass for the pyramid stage
  14. @crazyfool1, Emily is sending your ticket in your Christmas card to save on postage , i hope you have given her your change of address ????
  15. if you a bit down on your luck , your local dealer crazyfool will great you a teenth
  16. i sure hope so ,:-) i do wonder if they would role my tickets over another year ... let's hope i see you on the hallowed side of the the green gates for " the best show ever ! " thank you for giving me some faith 🙂
  17. yes , i am aware , we have been to a couple of festivals as well as a number of concerts inc a couple of NHS free ones as my wife is a staff nurse. my reason for the low " current " percentage is the incredibly high local rates down here in the west country.inc Mendip ( which covers the site ) where the rate is 1084 per 100k ! . which in itself is a bit of a worry , but when you couple that with the lack of face masks and people just ignoring the fact that Covid is still out there , i can see the rates staying high/ increasing .
  18. Our local rate is over 1k per 100k , and we are just up the road from festival, I don’t see anyone wearing masks or taking this virus seriously anymore.
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