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  1. We started 20 yards from the gate 😞
  2. Gate D was just as bad , from what I was seeing it was the wristband that was the issue, everything else was flowing well then you had three or four queues into one long bench , with various wristband points . But you were having to fight to get your band ( with all your backpacks/ trolley ect , then fight your way back out . In previous years , one que went through, wristbands and straight out ! We were in the que for D at 4am and didn’t get in till 10 ! come on GF , your better than this , in-fact you always were the ones to show how it should be done!
  3. Big durbs


    The man , the myth , the legend that is @crazyfool1.
  4. We were right up against the barrier on the on the lh side buddy, she was absolutely incredible
  5. Big durbs


    yes , sonic tent was going up today , king poles going up and canvas maybe tomorrow 🙂
  6. Big durbs


    You can see Iicon it well underway, and the new stage in SH , I think acrcada is just out of shot
  7. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    I will jump on after the concert 🙂
  8. Big durbs


    a lock up ???
  9. I was onsite today , ground quite hard a very dusty
  10. Mankini and flip flopps it is then 🙂
  11. in fact .. as im putting my tent up on the friday before , its two weeks and two days 🙂
  12. two weeks , 6 days 23 hours and 35 mins to gates open..... not that im counting
  13. i was hoping to see Jungle in the mix as they are playing Bristol that weekend as well
  14. Touch down , and the crowd goes wild.. although they are two years out of date !
  15. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Sorry guys , I’m off to see the little ginger fella play Cardiff 🙂
  16. 8:30am excitement, our tickets have arrived:-)
  17. Oh mate , that’s shocking 😞 but at least you going to Glasto, don’t lose site of that, a month ago you were ticket-less
  18. Big durbs


    bit of action at the other stage today , do we think she may get her flaps ??
  19. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Great to see so many on last night , sorry I couldn’t stay for long
  20. i dont think its an issue for Glasto , but it is a issue for other fests that we all enjoy between the reak festival
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-61534833
  22. Now on 3% .... eeeek
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