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  1. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Sorry guys , I won’t make this Friday . Possibly not Saturday either. Have fun as I’m sure you will 🙂
  2. My lights from a couple of years ago . Lol
  3. you could over analyze this to the end of days , you could take into account how much a ticket the the cinema is , or how much it cost to take the kids to the circus , how much to camp for 5 days in them country , and that before the headliners ticket prices or even down to a relatively unknown playing a small venue for £15 a ticket. at the end of the day , its an escape from the would of stress and work . its best part of 4 solid days of ineradicable music and arts , its coming home with a smile that a jack hammer cant shift for weeks , and of course , its the look on your friends faces who didn't go when you just wont shut up about how awesome it was . its simply the most incredible week of the year , that when its over you cant wait to get back too
  4. They normally increase £10 per year anyway, personally I was expecting more
  5. Tickets for Glastonbury 2022 will cost £280 + £5 booking fee. Every effort was made to keep this increase on the 2020 ticket price of £265 as low as possible, despite inflation and the impact of two forced cancellations.
  6. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    If I have anything left in the energy bank I will jump on , round two of kitchen build this weekend . a bit worried about @crazyfool1 big reveal, I didn’t think it was that kinda stream, should it carry a parental guidance warning?
  7. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Nice to see the forum back up and running, good work @Neil, hope your well buddy
  8. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Thank you , it’s a work in progress, and I’m 7 years in . The cats have been checking it over to ensure I have built it to their high standards, they have decreed it’s ok so far , lol
  9. Big durbs

    Virtual Meet

    Busy building our new kitchen all weekend, only to find I’m am missing a whole list full of stuff including 3 base units and 3 wall units . A shed load of doors .
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