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  1. About the same as us , they were awesome at Glastonbury this year , we got manic street for support
  2. tickets secured for Killers in bristol :-)
  3. Nice one , I had forgotten goose hall . Awesome breakfast btw 🙂
  4. I’m sure I heard a whisper that Ringo was going to make an appearance with him
  5. Should it not say , Christmas is coming,the COWS are getting fat !
  6. We were at the O2 in Bristol for that one as well , we “almost” saw them at the Williams green set this year , but we were outside the tent so only got glimpses. Much better view at the O2
  7. Cheers ET , I have lived in Bristol all my life , but this year was the first time I have been in Ashton gate , we watched muse and Rod Stewart within weeks.
  8. Yeah , parson street station is not far , in Taunton terms probably about your station to the top of the high street ( if my memory of Taunton is correct ) . do they run a train back ? I know some friends used the train for muse, I just assume they got the train back.
  9. I think we paid about £70 / £80 for muse this year , same venue so could be a rule of thumb on cost , plus , we can almost walk to it ( about 5 stops on the bus ) , so a nice local one for us
  10. Killers playing Bristol next year , it would be rude to not get tickets, they were awesome at Glastonbury this year 🙂
  11. next few months are getting tipsey ( small glass of sherry maybe ) , a couple of local gigs and Stereophonics in feb
  12. being unsable on your feet was due to thatchers mate lol
  13. the hat is coming along nicley . i still think a couple of smart phones for the side screens ... do i see a ribbon tower hat as well ????
  14. i think this is the one we used :- https://www.fairfx.com/everywhere-card , its a mastercard and can be loaded with GBP
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