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  1. Dunno how likely they'd be for Glastonbury but Foxing are playing a Polish festival Glasto weekend, would quite like to see them as they've released my favourite album so far this year. Could see them early JP/Park.
  2. Rylbld9

    The 1975 2020

    I quite like it to be fair. I've never been massive on them (usually like their singles but not really their albums) but the album tracks seem to be reasonably strong for the most part. The closer is a banger and I really liked I Like America too as far as the non-singles go. Maybe the album was a bit too "interlude-y". Reminded me a bit of a poor man's 22, A Million at times with the Vocoder usage. Could definitely see them headlining with the positive press/reception this album seems to be getting, especially if their to-be-released album of similar quality.
  3. Royal Blood BMTH/Imagine Dragons Drake
  4. Rylbld9

    Thursday Night

    A few bands do sets at William's Green on the Thursday. Last year I caught Pumarosa, and secret sets from Circa Waves and Everything Everything. The secret sets became public knowledge well in advance iirc.
  5. Idles Brockhampton Sufjan Stevens Sigur Ros Thom Yorke
  6. Would've preferred him at Glasto considering I have tickets but this is a decent little line up and I'll probably end up going. Am I right in thinking it's best to wait until closer to the time to get cheaper tickets? Got them pretty much straight away for The National but I saw some posts here saying there were some better offers in the weeks leading up to it. None of the days sold out (or really got all that dangerously close to doing so) did they?
  7. X Stage was on for The National day, a couple of bands (The Districts for sure) did DJ sets but it seemed to be very underattended as you would expect. I'm pretty sure the first I even knew of the stage being open that day was checking the official Clashfinder on the train there, seemed very rushed to be put together and a bit pointless, really
  8. Literally couldn't even load the page myself. Insanely grateful that a friend who was going as a group of 2 managed to get through and sorted our group out.
  9. Just preparing a spreadsheet with my groups ID numbers/postcodes -- these the only two details we need to enter when getting tickets right? Can't remember from last year!
  10. First time I've been to Trees and had areally fun festival. My favourites were pretty much as expected - Shikari, Arcane Roots and We Were Promised Jetpacks - but I was surprised at how good Touche Amore were live. Didn't get the chance to discover much new music but I definitely need to check ASIWYFA out over the next couple of days.
  11. Any idea how much a tent and sleeping bag will cost on the site? Don't currently own either and I'm travelling by train so I'm trying to save the hassle on the journey there.
  12. I went to the same day and thought the sound on the North Stage was a bit off for some bands. Was right down the front for The Districts and a bit further back for This is the Kit and thought it was all a bit quiet (The Districts especially needed louder vocals), but it seemed fine when we were further back for Broken Social Scene and Warpaint - might just be me imagining things.
  13. Rylbld9

    The National

    Safe setlist but still an awesome show. Highlight for me was About Today, was so so good.
  14. Had a great day out yesterday - the festival seemed super well organised. Enjoyed Amber Run and Spoon a lot considering I'd never really listened to either, and pretty happy with The National's set. Decided to give War on Drugs a miss because I figured the stage would be absolutely heaving if I left after Future Islands and by all accounts that seems like it worked out in the end.
  15. Really really happy with that, means I'll miss Gengahr completely but saves me catching a bunch of half-sets towards the end.
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