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  1. Rylbld9

    2000 Trees

    First time I've been to Trees and had areally fun festival. My favourites were pretty much as expected - Shikari, Arcane Roots and We Were Promised Jetpacks - but I was surprised at how good Touche Amore were live. Didn't get the chance to discover much new music but I definitely need to check ASIWYFA out over the next couple of days.
  2. Rylbld9

    2000 Trees

    Any idea how much a tent and sleeping bag will cost on the site? Don't currently own either and I'm travelling by train so I'm trying to save the hassle on the journey there.
  3. Rylbld9

    All Points East Festival 2018

    I went to the same day and thought the sound on the North Stage was a bit off for some bands. Was right down the front for The Districts and a bit further back for This is the Kit and thought it was all a bit quiet (The Districts especially needed louder vocals), but it seemed fine when we were further back for Broken Social Scene and Warpaint - might just be me imagining things.
  4. Rylbld9

    The National

    Safe setlist but still an awesome show. Highlight for me was About Today, was so so good.
  5. Rylbld9

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Had a great day out yesterday - the festival seemed super well organised. Enjoyed Amber Run and Spoon a lot considering I'd never really listened to either, and pretty happy with The National's set. Decided to give War on Drugs a miss because I figured the stage would be absolutely heaving if I left after Future Islands and by all accounts that seems like it worked out in the end.
  6. Rylbld9

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Really really happy with that, means I'll miss Gengahr completely but saves me catching a bunch of half-sets towards the end.
  7. Rylbld9

    2000 Trees

    Yeah of course, I just assumed they might try and replace Frightened Rabbit with a similarly-sized band. No real complaints though, Arcane Roots will most likely smash it.
  8. Rylbld9

    2000 Trees

    Seems like Arcane Roots are subheadlining which is pretty strange. Love them and definitely think they've got the quality to do it but I wouldn't have thought they were big enough.
  9. Rylbld9

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Gonna be tough to figure out my evening for The National. A few overlaps in that Warpaint-Gengahr-Future Islands-War on Drugs-Pumarosa run. Might have to miss out on the latter two if it's a bit of a walk between stages.
  10. Rylbld9

    2000 Trees

    Really can't see them continuing, and even if they do they almost certainly won't be playing this or any other festival. Same for Scott's side project Mastersystem who were due to play on the Saturday.
  11. Rylbld9

    Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)

    Absolutely gutted
  12. Rylbld9

    Arcade Fire

    I've preferred EN to Reflektor pretty much since it was released. There's a handful of iffy songs (Peter Pan, Chemistry, Good God Damn and arguably the Infinite Contents) but all the other songs are bangers.
  13. Rylbld9

    Arcade Fire

    What a band. First time I've managed to catch them and I was blown away. Big highlights for me were Reflektor, Power Out and My Body is a Cage.
  14. Rylbld9

    Arcade Fire

    London on the 11th. Had no email at all saying they've been sent yet.
  15. Rylbld9

    Arcade Fire

    Has anyone else's tickets not arrived yet?