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  1. Any idea on when can travel to different areas? Or I wonder whether that will be updated later depending on how the easing of restrictions goes
  2. so are tier 4 households able to mix xmas day?
  3. I am reading the bbc article on free school meals during the holidays which the tories voted against and found this interesting: Bassetlaw MP Mr Clarke-Smith asked: "Where is the slick PR campaign encouraging absent parents to take some responsibility for their children? "I do not believe in nationalising children, instead we need to get back to the idea of taking responsibility. "This means less celebrity virtue signalling on Twitter by proxy and more action to tackle the real causes of child poverty." An interesting point about absen
  4. So that I am clear, the testing by 30th May was just over 84000, but then suddenly on the last day they got enough to bump up to 200,000?
  5. Yeah I think that's right actually, I was thinking of driving
  6. About that Brighton photo, I know its been said it is personal responsibility in those decisions, but the govt has a part to play as well. In Boris's speech he said we can now go out to sunbathe and there are now no restrictions to travel so whilst I think those people are selfish I think the government have a lot to answer for. Word on the street is that the R in Brighton is 1.7 so as a resident I am pretty fucked off. In terms of shielding there's no way I would change what I was doing (if I had to shield) based on the change in guidance yesterday, the government has not explained i
  7. Depressing news and why I won't be changing my ways. Also I heard yesterday that the R in Brighton where I live is 1.7- maybe we shouldn't be encouraging everyone to go to popular spots? Also just read Greece opening up tourist routes but not to us due to our high death rate and being one of worst affected. I find it shocking that people cannot see how awful a job the govt are doing, but maybe if the glimmer of a holiday is taken away they may start to realise we have fucked this.
  8. I feel really conflicted with everything that has happened and I agree just throwing your arms up in the air saying "I won't do it" doesn't help. I can see me going the other way, losing all trust in government means I am more likely to do my own research and put in my own set of rules which are likely to be over cautious than what the government suggest to us. Their handling of the case is changing the guidance to protect their own, why should we trust their advice for mine and others health? My point is most people will try and do the right thing (as long as they understand it), but now I
  9. basicminds

    BBC Glastonbury

    Great news, warm beer in a can whilst watching the telly!
  10. Interesting article, another one on there saying big office of GlaxoSmithKline at Barnard Castle, don't know what that would mean if that was the reason he was in the area but interesting thing to note.....if I am honest I am starting to doubt the eye sight story!
  11. going for his privilege is bit detracting here- there may well be people that had second homes that did not go to them.
  12. good question re specific medical advice before he left London!
  13. Depends if you like them or not! Why drive to a tourist spot rather than 10 mins down the road by yourself?
  14. Yes and I remember him saying that there was not anyone to help with childcare- surely he could of bought some in? And there are relatives that were London based? Bullshit.
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