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  1. Its £50 to watch Keane in Delamere Forest. No brainer this.
  2. 🤣 Just spent an hour reading that, wondering why the recommendations are no longer in stock anywhere, to get to the end and see that it was from 2011!
  3. Anyone that rhymes "alone" with "on the phone". Also, anyone that rhymes "high" and "sky". There are a million ways to use words from the English language together and millions more if you consider non English words. This is just lazy IMO.
  4. I'm gonna be honest here, whilst it is educational and of massive cultural significance, I'm bringing the kids (12 and 5) because a) They'll have a boss time, b) They're a good laugh to be around, and c) The 12yr old will look after the 5yr old while I go and watch Patrick Topping b2b Eats Everything.
  5. Liverpool! Cant wait to meet people from all over the place!
  6. You should only be allowed to buy 2 x tickets and then not be allowed to get back through to purchase any further.
  7. If you dont think Taylor Swift is headline material you know nothing about music and festivals (I don't enjoy her music for the record).
  8. From people who've been. How long are the headline sets. Could Pearl Jam be 2hrs+? Ta
  9. Is it normal to feel such a deep sense of guilt as well, knowing the amount of prep some were doing and I just gave it a go on my phone and got through? I feel like I need to go outside and hug a granny.
  10. Congratulations everyone that made it. I have never been successful despite numerous spreadsheets, tabs, devices, friends helping, VPNs. Today thought "Fuck It", got no chance whatsoever so will just try me and the wife on my phone sat at home. Got through at 09.20 and got 2 tickets. After the ecstasy I then felt awful that I didn't have other people's details prepared from this forum to help and had just wasted 4 places (I just never expected to make it, now I know for next year). I kept trying anyway shaking until the sold out message trying to contact friends who were trying but never made it through again..Horrible experience despite the moment of elation.
  11. One Samsung Galaxy S10, one tab sat at home on 4G got through. Wifi and two other devices on 4G never got a sniff.
  12. I would make sure I met up to personally to thank the helping hand. They could see for real what it meant to help get that ticket for a real person not just a stranger online (easier said than done I know!) Good luck forum!
  13. Sending positive thoughts to everyone on this forum. Who knows what the human mind is capable of? Hopefully some positive sub-atomic particles bouncing around the universe from my brain will affect that connection and get us all through! Only trying for 2 and never been successful so please throw some positive atoms back at me via the internet. Ta!
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