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  1. It's possible, he's done it before and Taylor Swift is doing it too so why not. Probably just has to be announced for Glastonbury first.
  2. think they are largely sold out, Pearl Jam tickets sell very well outside of festival dates.
  3. If they are playing shows in Europe even as late as early August as is rumoured plus a UK date surely to be added at some point, I wouldn't be surprised to see it be them to be honest. 16 years after their three Hyde Park shows.
  4. I've heard those rumours too, still a three week gap and most of July vacant too. I can see them returning to Hyde Park personally.
  5. I can't see RHCP doing Reading/Leeds, that would place them in Europe for large portions of June - August, I just can't see that happening.
  6. Beck is awesome, an absolute treat whenever I've seen him.
  7. He released multiple albums, EP's and experimental releases, multiple releases a year on some occasions though that had slowed down in recent years.
  8. RHCP are my favourite band, seen them 3 times with John and 5 times with Josh. I must admit when I heard the news I thought it was fake. I saw an interview with John from this summer, he looked healthy and happy but never expected to see him return to RHCP. He hasn't seemingly played a guitar in public for years now and his solo releases went completely into the realm of electronica I guess you'd call it. I get what people say about RHCP being hit or miss live, I was at Reading Festival in 07 right before Leeds which was his final gig with the band until this point. They played London in 2016 but Anthony had a really bad case of the flu so they weren't that strong that night. Sometimes their choice in setlist makes the gig feel like a miss. However Hyde Park, Reading Fest, Knebworth and in Manchester Arena, I've seen them have some amazing performances. Been lucky enough to see John three times and no doubt will find a way to see him in 2020 if he's back for a limited or full time return.
  9. robillustrates

    2020 headliners

    haha this announcement makes zero difference. Eavis is excited to book a massive act in Swift, the Peppers probably won't ever get invited back to the farm.
  10. robillustrates

    2020 headliners

    it doesn't change their glasto status but im going whereever they end up ❤️
  11. They literally just announced the change, I wonder what it means for the tour, Frusciante said he was working on a project he couldn't reveal yet and I gather the Peppers were recording a new album to come out next year?
  12. Yeah I couldn't see any Ten Club tickets left.
  13. I had a chance to see Daft Punk years ago but just assumed I'd see them again on a future tour, little did I know, gutted! The Strokes did tour dates last summer and the dates seemed to be announced in a fairly straightforward manner like APE in London.
  14. wait for NOS is three days but suddenly Kendrick is announced but on a 4th day despite already selling three day passes. Is it a gig just bolted on to the festival using the same site and facilities or is NOS actually upgrading to four days despite barely announcing anything compared to it's Spanish weekend sharers.
  15. I keep thinking Blink 182 will end up at Reading, likely, not at all possible? I have no evidence for it.
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