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  1. 29th February would be making the most of the year too.
  2. Back when Zane or Annie would play through the bands announced and build the hype if memory serves.
  3. It's usually 8am because of the relationship with Radio One isn't it and the BBC naturally.
  4. To be fair to Reading, that's three huge acts, two UK based, I don't really see why LG needs to headline personally but it's their choice and he will have his big crowd.
  5. We are in the era of the complainers and moaners, Reading complains when they get Rage Against the Machine. Glastonbury gets complaints for Macca, Swift and again when Kendrick Lamar is confirmed, No one gets a positive reception anymore.
  6. Quite looking forward to seeing the Subways next month or so, I was a huge fan a decade ago.
  7. Think the act would have got a bit tired had they not evolved along the way, think the current tour was excellent given that they are around 50 years old these days and still going pretty hard night after night. I really liked the tour and the gig, it was great fun.
  8. Funnily enough same here I saw them in Birmingham on the current tour having never seen them before.
  9. I loved that year, the Friday was so good alone the rest of the weekend just felt like a bonus and one big party but felt really bad for the Slipknot camp next to us in Yellow, Buzzing on the Wednesday only to hear very quickly they cancelled their performances.
  10. Well tomorrow is a Radio One friendly headliner so I'd expect a Stormzy type act to be announced.
  11. Possibly were never offered them to be fair.
  12. 2008 has Rage Against the Machine and Queens of the Stone Age on the Friday, on just the friday! Let alone Metallica and Tenacious D on the Sunday, Slipknot were also booked and Saturday had the Killers in their peak.
  13. it's going to be Stormzy surely, perfect R1 kinda announcement
  14. Ah I see what you mean. I bought a ticket off a guy in Reading Station that year on the Wednesday, walked in with a backpack, found my friends, got offered a tent and stayed all weekend, loved it!
  15. Woah seriously Arcade Fire absolutely smashed the Suburbs headline set in 2010, one of their best uk performances.
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