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  1. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    The shorter period than usual between the resale and the refund cut off date is a bad omen. Leaves little time for returned tickets numbers to build for and so necessitate a secret resale. Fear we're in 2017 territory when Easter Sunday was similarly late falling on 16th April. Easter was similarly late in 2011 & 2014: would be interesting to know what was the last date for return tickets those years and if secret resales occurred.
  2. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Depends just how muddy it is and how much it's publicised. There was a huge down turn in 2008 after the quagmire of 2007 and with the main sale now in the autumn memories will be fresher. Think we all expect the worst for 2020 due to the numbers holding out for Glasto 50. And when you try to explain to a first timer the actual chances of getting a ticket it totally fails to sink in....In their head they are going and some I know have already booked their leave. ?
  3. Car park tickets are available from See and can be added to your order. See the Glastonbury.seetickets.com or the direct link: glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/car-parking/worthy-farm/1373285
  4. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Being realistic here and resigned ourselves to not going this year. Yes I know we have the possibility of a secret resale or competitions....but really! .....the last thing I won was a Dr Hook album when I was 13 ? SO CHIN UP PEEPS....it's just over 5 months to the next ticket sales ?
  5. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Being realistic here and resigned ourselves to not going this year. Yes I know we have the possibility of a secret resale or competitions....but really! .....the last thing I won was a Dr Hook album when I was 13 ? SO CHIN UP PEEPS....it's just over 5 months to the next ticket sales ?
  6. We camped that in 2017 and there was still room on Thursday & even Friday
  7. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Standard practise to deny a secret resale will take place.
  8. Commiserations guys. Solves your camper problem but know you would much rather have the headache it posed. Maybe see you next year.
  9. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    You need to monitor (using a Checkpage) the See page for changes as secrect resales are never pre-announced. If one occurs uIt didn't in 2017) it usually happens mid-May on a weekday afternoon. If one does happen it provokes a mad frenzy with tickets selling in 1 minute or so....Have known people scared even to go to the toilet when a potential secret resale time occurs. ?
  10. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    No luck here. 4 people trying for 2 tickets. From what I read here I get the impression the success rate in the resale has been low or even very low. That infers the demand for tickets has been exceptionally high and availability low. Gives a sense of foreboding for a secret sale and getting tickets for next year....and future years thereafter. Am I alone in thinking an intervention from the weather my be the only realistic way to reducing demand? Not that I wish it. ps. When Mrs Lycra does not have a ticket the fest has always been very wet and very muddy...just saying
  11. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    The back button loophole used to work several moons ago but people have reported it has now been closed.
  12. I enter the reg. no. & post code manually as I discovered it's quicker than cut & paste. All depends how good you are at typing.
  13. In its Terms & Conditions MotorHome Hire states: Time is required to inspect the vehicle when you return it. Hires start and finish at the collection point unless otherwise agreed in writing. The return of the vehicle is confirmed in writing, signed by the hirer and the Owner. If a full inspection has not been possible you will be contacted to discuss any damage discovered in your absence as soon as it is discovered.
  14. Lycra

    CV ticket

    Dont think CV tickets can be traded as they are specific to the ticket holder and vehicle registration. Unwanted tickets have to be returned to See for resale.
  15. Lycra

    London Coach

    A drop down list of all National Express Services to the festival is available on the festival website and via the link on there. Prices and pick up places are shown when looking at a particular service. www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/getting-here/by-coach/
  16. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Good luck to all wanting coach tickets. May the wheels be with you!
  17. You can make 2 transactions but you need to get back in as a new customer. The back button no longer works so you can't go back to the registration detail entry once you have paid for the first batch of tickets.
  18. Can vouch for the diligence of the gate staff. I've known instances where a person with an ambiguous ticket pic being taken aside and made to produce additional photo-id e.g. driving license etc
  19. Is this now confirmed? @Beerqueen reported earlier in this thread that their product list was not had not yet been determined.
  20. Correcting myself.... Actually the very worst case scenario is not getting any tickets! It is a somewhat pointless academic exercise in estimating the odds of successfully buying tickets as there is insufficient information available to do so. However the odds of a group of 6 all being successful in buying 3 x 2 person coach packages will be significantly lower than for a single group of 2 persons wanting coach tickets. My advice therefore for a large group wanting coach tickets is to make each pair sustainable so they could just attend as a two if needs be. Good luck.....and if you are successful... Mine's a pint! ?
  21. As I read it there are no age restrictions if the persons hold a valid festival ticket. As a larger group however you may have problems getting tickets from the same start point. Additionally you need to devise your buying strategy well as the worst case scenario would be just the two 14 year olds obtaining tickets.
  22. First thing to note is you are a group of 6 and in the coach ticket resale there is a max of 2 tickets if you're lucky enough to get through. It's slightly better in the general resale as you can buy up to 4 tickets. So if you're still a 6 some decisions will need to be made prior to the resale days. As regards choice of coach from distant memory I believe it comes down to a what's available/left. Others with more recent experience may be able to provide more advice. Good luck
  23. As a direct result of the heightened threat of terrorist attacks the festival adopted extra security measures in 2017. The most visible of which was searches of possessions on arrival at the entry gate just prior to getting your wristband. There were some reports early on of fans having items confiscated (e.g. knives) when searches may have been more thorough but for most it was a 30 - 60 second hold up. Our group who arrived ca. 12:45pm at Gate A experienced a pat down of backpacks and were somewhat arbitarily asked to open the box containing the camping stove on 1 of our 2 trollies. All in all, a hold up but nothing major ?
  24. Boots & wellies...it really depends on the conditions under foot. When it's really wet the mud becomes very deep and sloppy. In such conditions it's necessary to switch from boots to wellies otherwise boots will be inundated with liquid mud......like 2007. I take trainers, boots & wellies but leave latter in car as a back up.
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