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  1. I expect we're going to see a rash of announcements. Anything and everything to try and distract the public and move the issue on. It's a well known tactic. Expect a  reannouncement of building a bridge to Ireland and combining it with a garden!

  2. 30 minutes ago, gherkin8r said:

    So we have a camper van ticket for this year and are planning on taking 3 kids with us to the festival (will be aged 9, 8 and 2). The ticket for the van we have is for Bath and West which wasn't outlr first preference but we took what we could get. 

    I THINK we would like to somehow secure either CV West or CV East (quiet) tickets and return the Bath and West ticket primarily to avoid having to get the shuttle bus. In the past the advice on here seemed to be that camper tickets seem to randomly go back on sale at different times so we had hoped we might get the ones we were after that way. 

    I suppose my question is really 2 questions:

    1. Would others with experience of the various CV fields (and even better who have had kids with them) agree that the CV West or East quiet are preferable to the B&W showground? 

    2. Is it likely that CV tickets will go back on sale at random intervals between now and balance payment date? 

    Your help is very much appreciated! 

    Others please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe campervan west is no longer as the area has been allocated to Sticklinch, pre-erected tent village. This just leaves campervan east and the showground. Regarding the former a quick search found this published in December.


    Last modified: December 13, 2021

    From: Information / Access Information

    ACCESSIBLE CAMPSITE Campervan & caravan spaces within the accessible campsite have sold out. If you would like to be added to the waiting list in case we have any cancellations you can request this when completing your access application. EAST CAMPERVAN FIELD We have a forward reserved area in the east campervan fields for customers […]


    I can't help on Q1 but as regards Q2 I wouldn't expect a resale of campervan tickets until after the balance payment due and, in all probability (based on history), after the ticket resale. Having acquired a showground ticket it would be unwise give this up on the hope of getting a campervan east ticket later. In a normal year campervan pass sales appear regularly after the resale and into May, but this isn't a normal year. And with the apparent demise of campervan west demand for campervan east will be predictably higher


  3. 17 hours ago, Shariken said:

    So do you reckon that is it for campervan tickets. 😬. Wish I got my finger out before now. 

    As said elsewhere, keep an eye on the official Glasto website for news of campervan tickets, especially around resale time which is predicted to be in March. I also recall in past years sudden sales of campervan tickets popped up on glastonbury.seetickets website in April & May

  4. Firstly read the guide as advised above by vintagelaureate and read the forums advice topics. Next plan and to do this you need ask yourself how you will arrive, when you will arrive and where you will arrive.

    The festival site is huge. Much bigger than DL or Leeds. It's stretched along a valley so there are hilly sides. And it takes 30-40 mins to go across north/south or east/west. There are ca 100 entertainment venues. You will need stamina.

    Unless you arrive Wednesday morning and early, then your choice of campsite will diminish as the popular areas near the Pyramid stage and Other Stage fill rapidly.

    Finally for now, be prepared for a long walk from your car to your campsite with all you're gear. You could be walking for 30-40mins to the entry gate and then another 20mins+ once inside. Also expect to queue at the entry gate for an hour or more (less is a bonus). Queue times early Wednesday of 2-3hrs have been known. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, maelzoid said:

    I'm not sure we will be footing the bill. He's just sold a ski chalet for £17m. My guess is the settlement would run into the millions, as he'll have to pay big for the kind of NDA he needs.

    Assuming the plaintiff will accept an out of  court settlement 🤔 She may be wanting to make a huge statement on behalf of all women And I wouldn't try to dissuade her otherwise......

  6. 22 minutes ago, steviewevie said:

    I expect won't be a smoking gun that sinks Johnson, and I don't reckon MET will get involved. It will be a lessons need to be learnt exercise.

    Also...I wonder if Starmer calling for Johnson to resign will make it more likely that Tory MPs get behind their dear leader.

    Not sure which is best for Starmer....let a gravely wounded Boris carry on until the next general election or ramp it up to the extent he's culled by his own party. A new Tory PM could be a much more serious electoral proposition 🤔

  7. Well that went exactly as I expected. Thought KS landed heavy blows, as well as Ian Blackford. Boris trying to buy time and hope this all disappears. So are his supporters. Don't believe it will though as he and he is supporters are in the minority. There are plenty out there examining the crevices that have opened looking for the next revelation. It's become a sport!

    Wonder how long it takes for the next teaser to drop from Cummins! 

  8. 25 minutes ago, chazwwe said:

    I think most of the time he was in reference to the ones over Christmas. He always denied him attending the Christmas ones but never said nothing about the May one and that's because he was there and there's probably proof that he's aware of. The big question will be if there's proof he knew the Christmas parties were happening. If this comes out, then he'd be lying to parliament. 

    Whether you link the May to the Christmas parties or not his attendance a one shows he knew these events were happening, hence he's caught lying. He must be bricking himself now Starmer's back!

    The Tories know Boris is living on borrowed time. The question  for them is when the heirs apparent wish to put the knife in. They will want to ride on the winds of the successful vaccination program but be fearful of headwinds of bad news coming this spring.

  9. 44 minutes ago, Zoo Music Girl said:

    Odds on Boris suddenly getting Covid and having to skip PMQs tomorrow?

    Don't expect too much at PMQs. Whilst Labour, Scots Nats, Liberals et al  will rave at Boris, he has a ready defence for now hiding behind the on-going Gray Inquiry. The best the opposition can hope for is to keep the issue in the public eye and chip further at the chasms opening in the Johnson administration. 

  10. 4 hours ago, dotdash79 said:

    Train timetable change in may and December with the updated time not shared until 12 weeks before the change. 

    cheaper advanced tickets are around 12 weeks from date of travel 

    @dotdash79 For trains within the UK yes but the OP is from The Netherlands and wishes to use the St Pancras International - Amsterdam. Eurostar ticket bookings open at least 6 months in advance and the prices rise with decreasing seat availability (like budget airlines). So booking early usually ensures the cheapest price.  

  11. On 1/7/2022 at 8:47 PM, Dreamingofsunnydays said:


    Just wondering in walking terms how long it would take to walk the pyramid stage from cockmill vs wicket?

    How long does it take to get from the park from gate b to cockmill


    how long does it take from the car park at gate a to wickets?

    In answer to your original questions:-

    Cockmill to the Pyramid is no greater than 10mins: maybe even 5mins if you walk briskly. It's downhill all the way from the entry to Cockmill.

    Wicket to the Pyramid is probably 20mins+ and is both uphill and downhill over stoney tracks.

    Both Cockmill and Wicket are close to their respective entry gate: Cockmill being literally just inside Gate B whilst Wicket is 5mins from Gate A max.

    In a later post @Dreamingofsunnydays you mentioned staying Tuesday local to the east of the festival site and entering from the east. This almost in itself limits your choice to Cockmill as the trek from the east side car parks to Wicket is one to be avoided at all cost, especially with children in tow. We found this out the hard way. It's a long rough hilly trudge😣

    We have also approached the site from the east and detoured to use the West car parks to allow entry at Gate A. This is something I wouldn't particularly advise doing as the detour is time consuming and you could be battling through queues in the east only to join a queue in the west.

    Regarding the walk from a car park to your chosen entry gate, this is variable depending on where you get parked up. You don't have a choice in this, you are at the behest of the traffic stewards. The shortest walk I have had to joining the queue at the entry gate was 10mins, the longest 40mins. You're also carrying your camping gear.

    Once joining the queue at your chosen entry gate Wednesday morning expect to take at least an hour to get into the festival site. Treat anything less as a bonus, more becomes a chore......though a very worth while one.

    Enjoy.....though be prepared to rough it 😉

    ps If you arrive before or just after the gates have first opened expect be queuing for 1hr+++

  12. As Leyrulion said above. If you want to camp in the popular area there is no alternative to getting there early. It's impossible to forecast how big the queues will be to get in the car park, how far the walk from car to gate will be and how long the queues at the gate is. I allow at least 2hrs but on one occasion it took 3hrs and another it was under 30 minutes. If you want a good spot in cockmill I suggest getting there by 7:30am Wednesday latest.

  13. 5 hours ago, Pinhead said:

    Yep, me too - have graduated from Lenor to a 2L ex-cider container now... Got to be careful no-one makes a mistake with it as the shade of the contents look quite original...

    Graduated to lidded 1 litre plastic yoghurt pots when Mrs L came along. Female anatomy is not best designed for Lenor bottles 😲

  14. 11 hours ago, Respectfatfrog said:

    Looking for recommendations for the best wellington boots for dog walking and using at Glastonbury. Anyone have some boots they can recommend? 

    Wellies are only needed if the mud gets really deep and there's lot of standing water, otherwise walking boots are sound. If the ground is firm or hard you may want to use trainers. Find sandals a pain because of grit and stones easily getting under your sole.

  15. On 1/4/2022 at 4:30 PM, crazyfool1 said:

    Steer clear of the mallets it gives gut rot … on a serious note I don’t think I’ve ever needed a mallet although the year with the biodegradable tent pegs it might have helped possibly ? One extra thing you don’t need to carry 

    Oh the biodegradable tent peg year! Was that 2008 or 2009? Made of potato starch. A freebie handed out to protect the cows but useless on the baked earth of Worthy Farm. Fields echoed to ouches and screams as they shattered at the very touch of a boot or mallet sending their schrapnel far and wide 🤕

  16. Vaccination rates are good, the death rate is low and the virus appears to be weakening, especially in the vaccinated. Yes at this time the NHS is very very stressed and there is a high degree of staff absent......This situation won't last and we have to learn with covid as a fact of life.....

    Much has changed since 9 & 12 months ago.....Glasto 100%

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