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  1. Apologies if it’s already been mentioned but on RATM’s tour poster it says when there’s 2 asterisks that RTJ aren’t performing. On the tour dates they’re not saying it’s a festival (Paris instead of saying it’s rock en Seine etc) and there’s no asterisk as RTJ are playing. Have they confirmed RTJ for R&L maybe?
  2. Supreme2

    2020 headliners

    https://concert-france.com//10/29/paul-mccartney-se-produira-a-paris-la-defense-arena-en-mai-2020/ https://hey-alex.fr/paul-mccartney-concert-paris-defense-arena-en-mai-2020/amp/ just found this on the Macca forum, don’t know how reliable it is but there seems to be a Facebook event for it aswell! Seems to align that Macca will be touring Europe in the end of May
  3. Supreme2

    2020 headliners

    Not really worth saying but I went to maccas book signing last month which was just after the radio show where he spoke about glasto, I asked him and he just said ‘well there is a rumour’
  4. I personally thought it was far worse, had 4 devices all on separate networks / 4g and we only had 1 on the holding page. Gutted but resale still to come!
  5. Supreme2

    Sunday Help

    We’re a 2 if anyone wants to buddy up
  6. It’s the lineup for radio 1 on the Thursday, Wilkinson, Patrick topping, high contrast and some others
  7. Yeah they are, maybe should of looked at that first lol
  8. Could the John peel actually be the 1975? Weekend off, previous interviews they have expressed love for the festival and hoping to headline next year. So a repeat of the killers in 2017
  9. It’s honestly my pleasure! It seems everyone’s perseverance has paid off and so it should! See you all at the farm!
  10. Looks like the Oxfam camp site I think
  11. Could one of the TBAs be Bombay bicycle club? Obviously back from hiatus and touring early July so a decent warm up for that? Maybe Williams green
  12. Pretty sure Kevin Parker came out last time and did a bit
  13. Once you’ve made an account login into myfestivals.oxfam.org.uk and monitor that page, it’s just pinged a few times in the past 10 mins so there might be a few spaces coming up. If not if you trust me i can log into your account and do it for you as it’s asks for a code to pay from your phone instead of asking for card details!
  14. The please is mine! Glad you got sorted!
  15. Did the page alert work? See you on the farm!
  16. The whole page, then in the settings choose how you want the notification etc
  17. The whole page, then in the settings choose how you want the notification etc
  18. if you have google chrome, download a web monitor called distill and set up to track the my festivals page, make sure you’re logged in obviously and set the refresh speed to the lowest which is 5 seconds and then keep that page open on another tab, you’ll then get a ping every time the page changes. You can add an instant email notification aswell so make sure you have pop up notifications on your phone so if you’re away from your PC you can still see the ping in your phone, so whenever there is a change make sure you give it a refresh and hope it’s glastonbury! 
  19. Wow!! What a 48 hours, all 3 of us secured places with Oxfam! If anyone needs any help with Oxfam let me know and I’ll show you how I did it!
  20. Distill mate, chrome app store! No, I don't think so
  21. Refreshing and refreshing! I then set up a page notification to ping when there was a change on the website and it finally paid off!
  22. Does anyone know about the workers bar wristbands you can get? Swear there’s one near Arcadia
  23. Just got an email through, they’ve sent me a link to do the training online! I can’t believe it!!!
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