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  1. I'm fine with the idea of cashless but I do not like the data aspect. They will have the whole 4 day spend, for me and Mrs, tied to my email account and home address, together with my payment details. Plus the implication is that they will scan you on entry to certain events, so they know what you like and what you do not. Regular cashless is fine - your bank knows what you did and it is not divulged to a third party. In this case there is the possibility of using your data to target you with advertising. Now you can say 'I don't care who knows I bought a slice of pizza at 3 am' and you are free to take that view, but I find it intrusive. Does anyone have any information on what are the terms and conditions associated with the use of this data?
  2. Jees there are a lot of moaners on this thread. fwiw I didn't have a problem with anyone doing anything the whole time at any stage, camp site, bar, whatever. I think that compared to some festivals I have been to EOTR was one of the most considerate and pleasant. In fact I found everyone who put up with me talking to them (not during the music of course) incredibly nice and interesting.
  3. More stuff: I went to beavertown once. The queue was big so I went somewhere else. 3 bars within a 30 second walk works well for this. Same with the white toilets in the middle where the queue was always big. There were 2 other lots just up or down the path. Certainly did not have a problem with queues. Kids. That is a whole other thread and I actually am happy if people want to bring their kids, and I don't care if the older ones run around like maniacs. I just don't understand why you would want to bring babies - basically - too young to remember it, and young enough that you are going to miss it all yourself due to dealing with them. Seriously, wait until they are 6+ it is much better. They will appreciate it more and you will have more free time. But hey, it does not bother me, I just don't understand the appeal. Lots of people seemed to go on Sunday and everywhere felt quieter. Ah well their loss. Not one for rushing from stage to stage, preferring the hanging out method of festival attending, but on reflection, I did manage to see quite a lot and I likes nearly all of it ..... bas jan: not really in the mood yo la tengo: much freakier that expected, which is good as far as I'm concerned daniel blumberg: ok hiss golden messenger: liked a lot esp. that harmonica at the end this is the kit: had to duck out, family emergency, back for .... josh t pearson: liked a lot, even the crap jokes orielles: yes, the late 80s are finally back, wooo hooo loved it st. vincent: couldn't get into it so left for ..... jeff tweedy: really cool insecure men: shades fag synth, twiddle a knob every so often. I want that job. Go on, there are 2 of you. Seriously, I enjoyed them much. souleyman: acid house flashback mixed with my last holiday to turkey, what's not to like sunflower bean: only caught 10 mins because wanted to see ...... gruff: yep I like the stuff he is doing now a lot oh sees: left a bit of my brain there. It was great for me. want to see them again now for a proper length set. richard dawson: unexpectedly good. Really good. wave pics: long time listener, first time live, so it was a plus. I don't think the guy was mean to Jurado personally. Maybe reading between the lines he was a bit snide about not being asked the first time or maybe its the way it sounded, I don't care really as like he said, I don't know who Damien Jurado is. ezra: blimey! white denim: much groovier than expected
  4. It's the first one for me I really enjoyed everyone I saw apart from St Vincent, sorry, just couldn't get into it. Stand outs were oh sees, gruff, oreilles. Liked most others despite not really knowing them. I loved the garden and surrounding areas. Gin bar was good. Food nearly all good in fact including the pizza place, Christ you lot are hard to please. Beer good. Cider bus always good. I can't imagine what the toilets used to be like if they were 'bad' this year. And the queues were not that long. Didn't shower, it's not right. Happily go again should the stars align
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