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  1. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    Slightly disappointed with the shuttle bus option. I was hoping they would have a couple of different routes running to and from the festival. I really hope Uber have extra drivers working that weekend and don't cash in on surcharges
  2. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    Is anyone else on here going straight from Mad Cool to Citadel? Our flight leaves Madrid at 8am on the Sunday, heading back to our flat to drop our bags then heading to Gunnersbury Park
  3. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    Someone should ask about public transport to/from the festival. It’s been a while since it was last covered.
  4. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    Bit late
  5. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    Arctic Monkeys confirmed
  6. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    I can’t believe I just spent 10 mins reading through the last 5 pages. Bit of a long shot but, is there anywhere still selling 3 day passes? I have my ticket sorted but some friends have just decided to (hopefully) join us.
  7. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    Praying Moby gets announced, he would add nicely to an already outstanding line up
  8. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    It appears to be the festival that is nearly sold out.
  9. DownlnAlbion

    Mad Cool 2018

    I bought our tickets last week with refund protection so it worked out at £170 each. I'm hoping I can refund them on my lunch hour and buy them with the discount! We'd even consider VIP if it works
  10. DownlnAlbion

    WANTED: 2x Sunday day tickets

    I left it far too late and didn't realise this would sell out. Willing to pay up to £150 for a pair and I can meet in London from Friday morning. Any help appreciated. Andy
  11. DownlnAlbion

    Worthy Farm is clean!

    Love Bullets was a nightmare with those stupid nos canisters. I was in there on Friday night and you couldn't move without standing on them.
  12. DownlnAlbion

    See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    I used NE coaches for the first time this year and couldn't complement them enough. On the way down they got us from Bristol at 4am Wednesday, to the site in under an hour. On the way home on Monday, we turned up at our allotted time of 9am and we were back in Bristol for half 10. They were very thorough with checking tickets, I must note.
  13. DownlnAlbion

    Dick move of your festival......

    Was in Stone Circle on Saturday night looking for drugs with a friend when a woman approached us and asked us how our search was going. We told her it wasn't too successful and then advised us to stop immediately. We were a bit confused at first and asked her why, she told us that we would be arrested straight away if the police were to catch us. I told her the police never entered Stone Circle to which, she replied, "you'd be surprised how many undercover police there are at the festival". My friend then asked if she was an off duty officer and she said no comment. She put a real dampener on our night and I can't believe anyone would ever take their job that serious. What a boring person.
  14. DownlnAlbion

    Glastonbury to Glasgow

    Will do man!
  15. DownlnAlbion

    Glastonbury to Glasgow

    That's the same train we're getting back up to Edinburgh on the Monday. I can't believe it takes 6.5 hours! We're also getting that train down on Tuesday night from Edinburgh at 5pm, come join us for a beer if you're on it