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  1. Eyebrow

    The best place to **** was ****

    The best place to get weird was the stone circle.
  2. Eyebrow

    The National

    Yeah it was the pits to be honest. I didn't want to go barging around trying to find a new spot and end up annoying other people so thought I'd just stick it out. Obviously all foo's fans aren't one and the same, but it definitely helped ensure I didn't stick around for their show. Actually maybe I should have, and just screamed "IM MR NOVEMBER, I WONT FUCK US OVER" at the top of my lungs for 2 hours... im sure that would have been popular...
  3. Eyebrow

    Random hookups

    I'm with you all on this. Unexpected festival moment for me. I didn't see a single person not having the time of their life. It was infectiously lovely, and the guy can perform. hats off craiiiiig daaaaaavid, you had the last laugh my friend.
  4. Eyebrow

    The National

    I enjoyed it a lot. But I wasn't blown away. And I really really wanted it to be special. A few things affected that, mostly to do with being surrounded by non fans, who rather than be simply disinterested, were actively being disrespectful by just singing foo fighters songs. That nagged at me the whole way through and whilst not enough to ruin a gig, it did dampen my mood. the other thing was matt. It did feel like he was a bit awkward and didn't really engage with the crowd. I wouldn't say shy. It was a bit less innocent than that, more like there was a slight disdain there for either the festival or the crowd, (maybe the placement?) i need to watch it back. I wasn't exactly crystal clear of mind, so maybe I've got it all wrong. anyone else get that feeling that something was a little off? having never seen them before, maybe it's just how he comes across. Clearly he likes a drink so that is obviously going to mean sometimes he doesn't quite hit the sweet spot. We can all attest to that I'm sure. edited to say I'm a huge fan, so this is more a critique to say I was hoping for a gig of a lifetime and it just didn't quite happen, rather than just to bash them.
  5. Eyebrow

    Download full sets from iplayer

    Thank you @ghostdancer1
  6. Eyebrow

    The XX

    Wasn't it just?! The first time I heard Gosh, i felt it shared a lot of DNA with Belfast, without ripping it off. Fitting that Jamie teased it in before On Hold. As a group, there's no doubting they're maturing nicely, however I think Jamie has had a sensational few years and is now the driving force behind what they do. And long may it continue!
  7. Eyebrow

    Download full sets from iplayer

    Yeah torrents are no good for me so I'd love to find a stream of it somewhere. I'll post if I have any luck...
  8. Eyebrow

    Download full sets from iplayer

    I've also been after the full Moderat recording and I can confirm that it was up in the immediate days after the festival but it has since been taken down. See tweet(s); if anyone knows where this full set can be found is be delighted if you'd point me in the right direction. It was magical.
  9. Eyebrow

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    Plenty of tears were shed, at the most unexpected moments, as is the norm for me. 1 such example Sunday night/Monday morning approximately 02:00 Crows Nest Dj Jono (Jagwar ma)
  10. Eyebrow

    Which day do you prefer Wednesday or Sunday ?

    Bring back flares!
  11. Eyebrow

    Which day do you prefer Wednesday or Sunday ?

    First GF for me. Came by coach and had a wristband by 10am Wednesday. Left Monday at 10am. There is huge appeal to both Wednesday and Sunday for me. Wednesday: As a first timer, it was great to be able to set up the tent with my mate and then go off and explore the site, without the pressures of not missing a band or "experience" somewhere. I'm terrible for FOMO and therefore once the festival started, I found it very hard to just meander and chill out exploring all the nooks and crannies. There was always so much I wanted to see, I found it hard to just take time out to enjoy the site. So in this respect Wednesday was a godsend. It was too hot, but it was manageable. No matter how many years I make it back, I think I'd always enjoy the Wednesday for that very reason. There's such an energy and enthusiasm about the place too. You know something magical is about to happen. Sunday: Whenever I get to the last day of a festival, My focus drifts towards how far away "the end" is, rather than just staying completely immersed in the moment. It doesn't stop me having a great time and, having hit it very hard for 4 days, I never burn out. Always seem to be able to keep going until the end. But there's a melancholy background noise to it that I can't shake off. And I feel it in other people too. The countdown has begun. On the other hand, as a few others have pointed out, it's a "proper" day of the festival. It would be mad to suggest that a day where you have everything you could ask for is inferior to a day when you have very little other than excitement of what's to come. I suppose we all do it for different reasons. We all get something different out of it. No chance I'd pick a Wednesday over a Sunday though. Moderat > putting up a tent.
  12. Eyebrow

    The Atmosphere at Stages

    A few thoughts from my first year. West Holts Only saw one thing at west holts but really liked the location and the "feel" of it. Amazing atmosphere, but it was sunset and moderat so may explain a few things. felt nicely contained, a bit like a traditional football stadium. Park Really enjoyed this "area" of the festival and again wish it had catered more to my tastes musicwise throughout the festival. A good vibe there and seemed to be something for everyone, be it the park stage, Stonebridge, or just heading up to the sign. Watched second half of Kano's set here and crowd was very involved. The lit torches are a great touch in the evening too. Other Saw quite a bit on here over the course of the festival (Whitney, LG, Glass Animals, British sea Power, etc) and I just couldn't take to it at all. Enjoyed the respective sets in their own right but the stage did little for me. Seemed like a place where people would pass by and watch casually, or just while they're having lunch, rather than feel like you were standing next to fans of the music. Didn't get a "feel" for it, I could have been anywhere. Didn't feel unique or special. Pyramid Spent a fair bit of time here over the weekend by luck of the draw. (First Aid Kit, Xx, Radiohead, Craig David, JC/RTJ, National, Chic) and loved all of the performances, each one bringing a different crowd. Craig David was just such honest fun, felt very refreshing. Everyone into it. Chic very similar. The worst pyramid experience I had was for one of my must sees, The National. Terrible placement to be fair, but the fucking foo's fans singing "best of you" or whatever it is while the National were playing was downright rude and really pissed me off. In future years I hope to gravitate away from pyramid and explore the different stages a little. JP Saw a few really good bands in here, notably Phoenix and Black Honey. Seemed like a pretty solid atmosphere in there and always felt like I was around "fans" which definitely adds to the experience. Just watched Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes back on iPlayer and that looked brilliant! Gutted to have missed that. Of the other bits, I wanted to spend more time in glade than I did but seemed lively and an enthusiastic crowd. Beat hotel was a bit posey but generally good fun. Stonebridge seemed to hold a much more engaged audience, had a Great time in there for Eats Everything on Thursday and Kurupt FM whenever that was... Block 9 - managed to squeeze into NYCDownlow a few times and was interesting . Would have liked to see one of my must see's in there but it never panned out. Annoyingly on Wednesday I was getting settled for a stint in there as they lost all power with no idea how long it would take to get going again I gave up. Being a bit of a wanderer I kept getting waylayed and missed out on a lot at genosys that I'd earmarked. Big shame as all the reports in the dance thread seem to point towards some brilliant sets and a very engaged crowd. never saw a set or metamorphosis at Arcadia which is a shame. Something for next time. Also, considering I camped in pylon, I didn't see anything at the blues or wow, and only caught (the brilliant) King Kong kompany in sonic on Sunday morning/afternoon. Probably should have tried to see more in there as it was part of my daily commute. spent the final night up at the crows nest which was a fitting way to end an amazing 5 days. Also, to find a dj set by jagwar ma at about 02:30 was a lovely little treat to sign off on. Great vibe in there and plenty still bopping along until the early hours, notably a certain glass animals front man who looked like he was having as good a time as the rest of us. Anyway, ramble over. To summarise, I liked it all, a lot! Plenty more to go sink my teeth into in 2019 if I'm lucky enough to get another crack at it.
  13. Eyebrow

    Glastonbury flu

    15 fucking hour sleeps?! thats the stuff dreams are made of... i got home on Monday evening and couldn't sleep until Thursday night. I've had sleep paralysis and terrors to the point when I had to go sit downstairs in the lounge through fear of falling asleep. Scary shit. lack of sleep has let to me becoming quite fuckig sick. work isn't helping!
  14. Eyebrow

    Places you never made it to

    I only found west holts in time for moderat on the Sunday. In fairness, it's my first Glastonbury, but still, it was a wicked spot and gutted I didn't spend more time there during the 5 days!
  15. Eyebrow


    Moderat. Special set that was. I went alone because I couldnt face trying to drag people there who would only complain. Glad I did, got to the front row, danced myself silly guzzling on coconut and lime brothers and assorted other treats. spangled. watching back on iPlayer does nothing to relay the feeling of that first jolt of bass. everyone just looked at one another. SHIT IS GOING DOWN! will live long in the memory. Thanks to you all for adding to the moment.

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