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  1. Cheers. Paranoid London -> Denis Sulta
  2. Fan of JH, so that was a good shout. since I’m less knowledgable about Paranoid London maybe that’s the one for me!
  3. On my way to the gym and in the mood for something new. Anyone fancy recommending a recent live set of someone on the lineup? Recently listening to chemical brothers, George Fitzgerald, Maribou state, dj Koze, Four Tet etc. Cheers in advance!
  4. Eyebrow

    The National

    Hairpin turns is a proper grower. Can’t stop listening to it now.
  5. You missed out Rapper from your list of ‘Dris side-hustles Boasty https://g.co/kgs/LV9vQH
  6. Eyebrow

    The Glade

    Same here but love his stuff so it’s about time I saw him live. probably clash with Chems like every other f*cker
  7. Eyebrow

    The Glade

    George Fitzgerald will be top notch.
  8. Gravity Drops is a beautiful thing. One of those tunes I’d love to hear mid set and just get lost in.
  9. Eyebrow

    Silver Hayes 2019

    I can confirm it still exists. Cavernous downstairs where you bang your head unless you’re bang centre of the room.
  10. Eyebrow

    Silver Hayes 2019

    Just stumbled across Hammer, via Bicep. Liking that!
  11. Give me Cinnamon over Ezra or Sheeran every single day,
  12. Would love for DJ Koze to make an appearance. Is this unlikely?
  13. Pylon to SE corner is not an hour unless at “rush hour”
  14. Going to Glasto with water bottle in hand!
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