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  1. Editors played second down on Main (2013) not third. Full set is online at the official sziget channel.
  2. All seems correct except the fact that Cure already played twice here in Greece, once in 1985 and once again at 2005.
  3. Token system, toilets, queues, organization in general worked fine last year until the headliner slot. I don't what happened later as we were all on spot for Radiohead. The first day with Green day was even less crowded. The two other sold-out days (Linkin Park and Bieber) I imagine that had to be totally different experience with 20.000 people more than the Radiohead night. You can take no real information as it changed place this year. It is common for them to take it from one pace to another, even change the conrstruction of the whole place. Last year it was a little adventure the way back from Monza to Milan with more than 60.000 moving to every possible direction at the same time, a pretty mess i have to say. But this edition is moving to Milan Expo. The most important is that we loved locals once again. They are warm, kind, they have a great passion for music, definetely the nicest crowd you can meet. It's always the same in the North and the South of this lovely country.
  4. I listened to the whole thing very authentic & emotional. So nice experience to share such a beautiful night from so far away in my own room with friends over here...
  5. Dear Noeliam I follow you for years here and at sziget news also. Musically you are my alter ego though i'm wayyy older. I've been at all the previous Sziget editions since 2008 except last year when i did my first pkp. By the way we always camped at the same spot since you first came, i met you several times but always in a hurry. Being from Greece, so a just little bit closer than you to central Europe. Yesterday i checked the same with you because i want so much to return to Sziget (best place on earth for me) but air ticket from Budapest to Brussels cost 180 euros. And we have no other way to do it, unless we travel day and night by train/bus to catch the first bands at pkp. The train ticket is completely free from any belgian train station before and after the festival. Last year's day tickets sold out when we already were in Belgium so it has to be a few days before the fest. You 'll find it if you google it. Besides AF struggle to sale their April date at Belgium. I don't want to miss AF again as i missed the Relector tour and the spare dates you saw them at Nos. And all the other dates clash with Sziget except that in Moscow at 4/8. I spent the best 60 days of my whole life at Sziget but this is so tempting... Sorry all the others for the spam...
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