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  1. Ejestivals

    Rolling Stones

    Long shot but I don't suppose anybody has a spare?
  2. Ejestivals

    Car park and general camping

    About 2 minutes after you arrive.
  3. Ejestivals

    Boardmasters 2018

    Quite young. I would recommend paying a bit extra for VIP tickets. The kids don't really want to be paying extra, so they will be in the slum fields. Loads of space in VIP, and a nice bar.
  4. They set up queueing systems on the local streets. It always seems very well organised to me though. If you're early they park you up and allow the next ferry's cars to get through.
  5. Ejestivals

    Music on the Thursday

    Boy George twice. Brilliant both times.
  6. I never experienced any problems with traffic due to the ferry. I've been on the ferry to the island for festivals a few times, and on the way out there I always found the system to work very well. At least once we were late, and we were simply put onto the next boat. Don't expect the same on the way back though. Had to wait about 12 hours once for a re-booked ferry.
  7. Ejestivals

    Camper van ticket tickets 2018

    I'm absolutely with you here mate. Economies of scale should mean that the ferry is cheaper for the festival, or the same price at least. Doubling or trebling your prices when you know that you can fill every seat and every vehicle spot on every ferry is just taking the piss.
  8. Ejestivals

    Camper van ticket tickets 2018

    I'm sure there will be more. Why wouldn't they sell more when they make so much from them?
  9. Ejestivals

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Serious question. Have you been to any other festivals? I found IOW to have very little to offer other than the main stage and the big top compared to, for instance, Bestival. Obviously compared to a festival like V, Isle of Wight has plenty going on, so I suppose it depends on what you compare it to.
  10. Ejestivals

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Saying that CV tickets have sold out is telling a little lie. They continually add more tickets, so that when they are available, people who want them snap them up before they 'sell out' again. I've been a few times and if I remember correctly, a few years ago CV ticket prices were as high as they are now, so my group chose to camp. After a bit of a backlash, the following year the CV ticket prices were reduced dramatically, so we went in my VW. That first year there was plenty of room left at the back of the CV field, enough in fact for a coach sized winnebago to fit easily with nobody else anywhere near it. Apparently they had sold out that year too! We've stopped going over to the island now for festivals (we used to go to Bestival too), because we were sick of being fleeced by the ferry companies and by the festival for a CV ticket.
  11. Ejestivals

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    Although Lee O'Hanlon has cocked up here, and is trying to blame everybody else, Iain Lee comes across as being very childish in this interview. He didn't allow Mr O'Hanlon to name anybody, then a few minutes later demanded that he name names. Nobody comes out of this particularly well.
  12. Ejestivals

    Y Not Festival 2017

    Is that a mocumentary? BBC4 need to pick this guy up before his left eyebrow grows back.
  13. Ejestivals

    Citadel 2017

    You left during two steps twice? Are you mad?
  14. Ejestivals

    Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    Isn't it mandatory to light a flare during Kasabian?
  15. Ejestivals


    None taken mate, and yes you're right, we could have moved, but there were about 15 of us and we wanted to be near each other, and also it was likely that if I had moved, somebody else would have popped up in front of me there. Please understand that I've been to loads of gigs and festivals, and know that people regularly get on their mates' shoulders, I just thought that (from where I was standing anyway) there were a lot more girls getting in people's way than usual. Good for them, they saw everything. Loads of us behind (not just my group) couldn't though.

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