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  1. Agree. Where the hell do they get a figure of £15.80 in fees from?
  2. Ejestivals

    The 1975 2020

    What would make you think you were annoying?
  3. Possibly not the right thread to post this on, but hey ho. I didn't try for tickets this year as I'll be too busy next June, but looking at the forum on Sunday morning, I really didn't like the fact that people were just randomly posting their details and asking people who already have tickets to try again for them. Those who have got through 'seem' to have a slightly better chance of getting through again than those who haven't, so it seems a little unfair to just ask them to do the hard work for you at the expense of others who are in the same boat as you. Maybe if those people who have successfully got tickets stopped trying to buy for others it would give everybody else more of a chance?
  4. Yes he could. I'd definitely be in the woods when he was on though. Bit like when Rag and Bone man was on this year.
  5. Ejestivals


    With gin being the current 'in' drink, I can't imagine that Latitude wouldn't have some sort of tie-in with one of the big gin or tonic companies. If fever tree haven't got a presence at a festival like Latitude this year then their PR people need sacking.
  6. Anybody still waiting for their tickets? Mine haven't turned up yet. Two weekend tickets and a camper van pass.
  7. The way that IOW is laid out means that those who really want to be close to the action will probably end up camping in the sites closest to the arena, meaning that the further you walk, the quieter it should be. I'm sure you'll find an ideal spot, just be prepared for a long walk. I'd say expect an hour's slog from mainstage to where you might want to camp. Tent jumpers will probably go nowhere near the furthest campsite. Obviously stay away from paths.
  8. No https://clashfinder.com/s/lat18/?user=0dwrf7.wz
  9. There is a clashfinder, although it's rated as 5 at the moment (ie don't even think about printing), and it's only got the two main stages so far.
  10. Or just walk into them very quickly...
  11. I've always found that security seem to want you to go to the campsite pretty soon after the music has finished. One year me and my friends stumbled across this guy who had a laptop and speakers in a wheelbarrow, and he started off a little party in the area between camping and the arena. There was no bother at all, everyone was being well behaved and just having fun. Security quickly shut him down though. Not very festive!
  12. Long shot but I don't suppose anybody has a spare?
  13. Quite young. I would recommend paying a bit extra for VIP tickets. The kids don't really want to be paying extra, so they will be in the slum fields. Loads of space in VIP, and a nice bar.
  14. Serious question. Have you been to any other festivals? I found IOW to have very little to offer other than the main stage and the big top compared to, for instance, Bestival. Obviously compared to a festival like V, Isle of Wight has plenty going on, so I suppose it depends on what you compare it to.
  15. Saying that CV tickets have sold out is telling a little lie. They continually add more tickets, so that when they are available, people who want them snap them up before they 'sell out' again. I've been a few times and if I remember correctly, a few years ago CV ticket prices were as high as they are now, so my group chose to camp. After a bit of a backlash, the following year the CV ticket prices were reduced dramatically, so we went in my VW. That first year there was plenty of room left at the back of the CV field, enough in fact for a coach sized winnebago to fit easily with nobody else anywhere near it. Apparently they had sold out that year too! We've stopped going over to the island now for festivals (we used to go to Bestival too), because we were sick of being fleeced by the ferry companies and by the festival for a CV ticket.
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