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  1. Got mine through today for the Sunday tickets
  2. Not really a weird thing to do, depending on their light show it may be built for indoor shows specifically. I've seen them at festivals a few times & indoors a few times, would much prefer the arena show.
  3. I requested it when they put out the last statement about a week ago, no info about rescheduling or not.
  4. Received my refund for the pearl jam show (including fees) from axs, just waiting to see if kendrick is rescheduled now.
  5. In Peru they restricted the sale of alcohol as its a nonessential item, seems to make sense to me. Although of course you could still get it if you tried, but that was the official line.
  6. In relation to the initial spread yes I would expect England to have more cases due to the density & delay in putting the initial quarantine place. Plus there are certainly areas of the country where it is frequent that multiple generations live under the same form. Whilst Italy have an average older age compared to the England, they are also a much healthier country comparitive to England. With Spain being the healthiest European country. There are many factors that come into play but I was merely saying my opinion is that the greater population density will contribute to the
  7. Considering the population density of the uk & more specifically England compared to a lot of Europe, I'd expect our fatality rates to be atleast double that of Italy.
  8. I assume that will be for our internal quarantine measures, not opening the borders for international travel. Even when borders do reopen it will be dependant on the global situation & will still be a few months after that until people willingly travel for non essential trips.
  9. oxygentleman

    Kendrick Lamar

    That was a terrific show
  10. As Grumpyraver already stated that still doesn't affect why the show couldn't be announced now if she was playing. The longer the tickets are on sale the better, otherwise people may decide not to attend due to other plans.
  11. Doesn't have the budget for RATM but does for eminem? I'd imagine eminem would be charging just as much if not more.
  12. Except that it does, Community doesn't necessarily mean the festival (it probably does but not established).
  13. Got Kendrick gold circle the other day at £110.00 each. He was great at the O2 so cost will be worth it. Although i may end up selling my pearl jam ticket now due to the amount of london based gigs in June/july.
  14. Slash has been back in the band for years now & all the reports I've heard have been great. Will be getting tickets for the London show.
  15. I thought there were two seperate astorias on the same street, may have just been different entrances though.
  16. Bottom left "leaf/feather" looks like a basic version of the icon, childish gambino used for pharos festival.
  17. Their free, just pm me your first & last name and email address
  18. Anyone need two tickets for today? I've been trekking upto & back from London the past few days & i really don't feel like doing it again, so I've got two spare ones going.
  19. Same thing happened to my group as well. My mate never received the confirmation email, phoned axs & they said it hadn't gone through. Luckily we all managed to pick up free tickets instead!
  20. Looks like I’m heading to tomorrow by myself now, as my mate has just bailed. So I have spare ticket for tomorrow if anyone’s interested. Hoping the organisation is better than the Finsbury events have been!
  21. Bar queues were awful, only bothered once and it took 45 minutes. The sound was Liam was far too quiet, everyone still complaining about it on the the train home. Kind of glad I'm not bothering with queens tomorrow now.
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