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  1. It's done. Has been for weeks.
  2. Literally giving tickets away on a roulette style game at the pop-up event in London today. 😂😂😂 Must be struggling with sales and I'm not surprised, huge downgrade on last year.
  3. As someone who wanted to go this year based on last year, this is extremely disappointing. Really weak line up.
  4. On what basis? They have an empty schedule that week/weekend.
  5. Still needs two big acts of The Strokes/Tame Impala size
  6. A strong indication that they are struggling to sell tickets though.
  7. Agree - it doesn't make much sense commercially to not highlight that an exclusive is just that. You get exclusives to commit people to your festival - and sell tickets.
  8. Think Tame Impala is definitely realistic for NOS and Mad Cool. Florence and Foals too.
  9. Not worthy of the name tbh
  10. Why are The Strokes impossible for NOS? Aren't they playing the Friday at BBK, so the Thursday and Saturday at NOS are still possibilities?
  11. Foals would be way better under The Cure or Bon Iver
  12. Impossible for anywhere to match what Mad Cool delivered in terms of line-up last year.
  13. There's still a Iberian peninsula-shaped space in Tame Impala's current schedule, they haven't confirmed a summer UK date and surely won't just do Glastonbury so suspect they could still be in the frame. Think Foals are feasible too. In its current form the festival is extremely disappointing - it needs at least three or four heavyweight acts and can only guess they are being forced to hold back announcements because of artists' demands.
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