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  1. Person 2


    Does anyone know how much bigger the security will be a reading and if it will be similar to festivals such as glastonbury?
  2. Person 2

    `earache express` on its way .....

    Cheers. It seems its on the website but not the app i was using.
  3. Person 2

    `earache express` on its way .....

    Does anyone know when the stage times will be annouced for band like ho99o8 or heck.
  4. Person 2

    Liam and Noel playing tonight

    Seemed alright besides for live forever, but if you compare it to how he used to sing it was so unique. So once he repair his vocal chords it makes sense it doesn't sound great.
  5. Person 2

    Making your tent as comfy as possible.

    If you want to be really efficient put your jacket into your sleeping bag case.
  6. Person 2

    "Really big secret"

    After great success last year collaborating with coldplay, Micheal Eavis will announce hes headlining the other stage.
  7. Can anybody recommend some good waterproof hiking boots?
  8. Person 2

    Lions first test

    That seems like a shame as im sure there would be plenty of people wanting to watch it.
  9. Person 2

    Lions first test

    Does anyone know if there will be places inside there festival where the match is on (past experiences from 2013). As it seems that there will be no large screen broadcasting it.
  10. Person 2

    new here? introduce yourself

    Unbelieveably excited after me and my mate got tickets in the resale. But a bit nervous like some of the others as would like to know about any meet ups before hand so we dont get lonely
  11. Person 2

    The Unsuccessful

    Who else got tickets?
  12. Person 2

    The Unsuccessful

    Ah bollocks sold out.
  13. Person 2

    The Unsuccessful

    The see.tickets page has changed and is no longer displaying the blue bar. This is it everyone good luck.
  14. Person 2

    The Unsuccessful

    Well there solves all my problems, i was just being an idiot
  15. Person 2

    The Unsuccessful

    Wait i thought they closed registration.