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    Y Not Festival 2017

    Ah thanks! It's not that I've got a problem with the 'young' atmosphere, I'm 19 so I come under that haha but as annoying as the irritating people might be, I know it's gonna be like that at most places. The only problem I'd have is if there are people like that overwhelm the crowds when they clearly aren't bothered about the music or whatever. If I don't get a moment where the crowd all sing along to a song while the band goes quiet, I'll be so disappointed haha
  2. HowBlue

    Y Not Festival 2017

    Proper excited for this, it'll be my first festival. Read that it's quite teeny, with people who can't hack it but surely you get that anywhere? Other than that, whats the atmosphere like? Read an article about last years and they said the music was good but it lacked a decent atmosphere