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  1. Pauladuncan70

    Volunteering 2020

    Where else can you volunteer ? I have signed up to be notified by oxfam but would be interested in other options too. Also my husband has an autoimmune illness so he would struggle to stand for 8 hours or do anything that was very physical - can we mention this and it be considered in volunteering groups ? Or do you think they will just not want him /us? 😕 Would be a shame as they would be missing out on a hardworking 50 something man and women - but I don't want to get my hopes up. And one more question (and this is for a friend - do they allow campervans in the Oxfam volunteers film ?)
  2. Yes sadly I am this club too - got to input reg details but wouldn't allow me any further - so near. Thinking of volunteering and signed up for Oxfam too so fingers/toes crossed
  3. Thanks that's great to know. Contacted see tickets but not heard back yet Just to be sure I am checking on seetickets Glastonbury worthy View campsite - is that right ? There are no options for campervans there ?
  4. we missed out on campervan tickets to bath and west and I have got us some space at Pilton Hill which looks great but does not have the free shuttle bus service. I have to pay the final amount in the next week to Pilton Hill - Do you think there will ever be any secret sales of campervan tickets or someone cancel - or can you buy the campervan ticket from someone else if they don't want it ? Anyone here want to sell or know anyone who wants to sell a large campervan ticket - Delighted we have tickets to glastonbury though - feeling super lucky on that front
  5. One of our group, the lady who actually booked our glastonbury tickets is sadly having a complete mental breakdown. It is all very sad and distressing and she has been sectioned twice. She has taken against one member in our group and keeps threatening to cancel all our glastonbury tickets. I have contacted see tickets and there is nothing they can do, legally she is allowed to cancel the tickets and I presume get a refund on all our deposits, which of course we have paid her for already. I can't believe it. Having been so happy to get tickets it looks like we will loose them all. I have contacted see tickets via email and telephone and been told - there is nothing they can do. Bloody stressful There seems to be nothing we can do at all. I have begged them to switch the lead booker around or take our 5 tickets off this booking, or even just protect them from being cancelled. No, if she is insistent about cancelling the tickets, she will be allowed to ! Any ideas ?
  6. Thanks for all your replies, really helpful x
  7. Sorry to post on here but need an answer quickly and thought one of you guys on here may know. When you purchase your tickets isn't there an option to take out insurance ? For an bit of extra money ?
  8. We booked Pilton Hill - sounds great - anyone stayed there ?
  9. We stayed there 2017 and were initially disappointed with the tickets. But we loved it and tried to get it again this time around but failed. We were disappointed to say the least ! it was great, had excellent flushing toilets and hot showers without much queue. Yes the shuttle bus was every 15 minutes. It was easy and left the site by the toilet block which meant you could visit the loo before you left and when you got home at night. The site was great and had a good atmosphere. And you had plenty is space - hope that makes you feel better - that ticket was our first choice. We are going to pilton hill now - with a shuttle us every 2 hours apparently! So not as good as your shuttle bus. Also it was good to get off site - I didn't think it would be but it definitely was.
  10. Sadly we missed out on tickets for Bath and West Showground. Do any of you know about some other options we could try ? We have potentially two campervans and tent - are in late 40s and early 50s and like running showers /proper toilets and a shuttle bus service to and from Glastonbury - has that all gone pear-shaped now ????? Any other options ? And tips ? And recommendations X
  11. Amazing we are in - i didn't get a sniff but someone else in our group did thank goodness - SO happy x
  12. Good luck everyone ,- I have everything crossed for us all. Thanks for all the tips - I hope I am ready x
  13. Can someone please help me with IP address question. Very confused - when I look at my tablet and my husband's laptop both connected our home network WiFi the first set of 6/7 numbers are the same but the last 3/2 are different - when I hotspot my phone to my tablet /laptop first 8 numbers same (and also same as Wi-Fi connection numbers) but last 5 numbers are different. SO does this mean they are all showing as different IP address or are they all showing as coming from the same IP. Or is phone hotspot different from Wi-Fi IP - AND if I was also using my phone on roaming too is that UP address going to be same as hotspots laptop ?? I am confused
  14. I am a bit confused about the IP address could someone clear it up for me please - will my mobile phone and my husband's mobile phone have different IP's ? - we both are with 'three' but obv have different phone numbers and contracts. I was thinking of running 1 x laptop on hotspot from my phone and my phone, 1 x laptop on hotspot from my husbands phone - my daughters phone and my sons lap top on our wifi at home. So am I right in thinking that is 3 different IP addresses and as long as we don't refresh more than 60 times a minute over each two devices we should be fine ? ! (I have been reading this thread for the past week, fantastic ! I laughed at first when people were saying they had had nightmares, but last night I had my second nightmare that I did not get tickets because I couldn't connect to a network and my phone stopped working !!!! First nightmare was that I overslept and had 1 minute left !!!!) Good luck everyone - if by some miracle I get tickets on Sunday, I will keep trying for folks here
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