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  1. I'm at Bath & West - slightly jealous of those at CV East 😂
  2. No, because I am going to see English Teacher in JP anyway.
  3. Most of the bars are marked on this 2019 map - sorry but this is the clearest copy I have.
  4. Yep, between Pyramid and Williams Green.
  5. The Park Bar tent has appeared again after its mysterious disappearance.
  6. Met him a few times, genuinely lovely guy. Fingers crossed that he makes a speedy recovery
  7. At Bearded Theory 2 weeks ago, traders were reporting problems with the WiFi and at times were unable to take card payments and so a cash backup was needed. The issue with card payments is just keeping track of what you're spending and because you don't get a receipt (and to be fair you'd just lose them anyway) it's impossible to reconcile your statement when it lands. It might be easier if you get push notifications when your card is used, I've no experience on this. I'll be taking cash , keeping it in the Property Lockup and just taking out my budget each day. My card will be in there too just in case.
  8. Losing my hair

    Diana Ross

    The least you could do is buy us all a subscription so we could read it 😉
  9. I think you have to enter your mobile number with the international code - +44 (for UK) instead of 0
  10. And you promised!!!
  11. Do you mean this, because that's been there for over a week now - no idea what it is
  12. One day you'll be spot on with this 😂😂
  13. Where has this come from? I love a drink up at Tricketts.
  14. Top work, nice to see #29 making an appearance.
  15. Sorry to hear that Guy, hugs to Eliza and hope she's home soon.
  16. Can't see Croissant Neuf??
  17. Or at least we did in 2017?
  18. I assume that the spider arrives via some sort of plug hole in the ground - that's how all mine seem to get in..
  19. No (or at least he's kept it very quiet), he works with Oxfam festival shops - he's currently at Download.
  20. Ben was the shop manager at Bearded - small world indeed.
  21. Ah, it was you, they said that a charming young lady had been asking after me. It was a great weekend all round thanks, I love doing Bearded. Is the Bakewell on the go yet?
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