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  1. Damn, any hint why? Perhaps BMTH only settling for a solo headline slot?
  2. As far as last-ditch left field headliners go, Gorillaz is actually pretty alright.
  3. That actually hurts to look at 😂 Any other 'big' examples of this happening?
  4. Wouldn't call it purely messing about but given the lack of promotion etc and how un-commerical it sounds, it must be something to not take too seriously/not intended for the usual audience. BMTH have said in an interview they want to switch to just EPs so they can release multiple projects in a year, all with different sounds to them. I guess this is the weird experimental one.
  5. They are a likely candidate, but headlining 3 times in 8 years seems a bit odd (doubt the organisers care for this 'rule' though). Has there been any instance before of an act headlining 3 times over a short period of time(relatively speaking)? Can think of something like FOB doing 2016 and 2018, not 3 times though. Even Muse are spread out every 5/6 years.
  6. Amo got them bigger, but not really that much bigger. Their APE day apparently sold very poorly, and they were doing arena tours at the end of the TTS tour, which arguably had more momentum and hype behind them than the Amo arena tour (which was off the back of just one fairly meh single imo). TTS was absolutely massive but Amo has just kind of fizzled out, which is a shame because BMTH are one of my favourite bands. I personally think they took on the whole 'we can write any genre of music' thing in a big way, and the end product was an album that was too divisive and scattershot for most fans. Almost certainly getting new music from them in early 2020 though, so depending on the success of that they may become a stronger act to book; as it stands though I don't think they're strong enough to headline on their own.
  7. They've kept on playing it, turns out Oli was taking the piss when he said it was the last time they'd play it ahaha
  8. Hoping it happens purely because that would be an absolute balls to the wall booking that reminds everyone that Reading is the festival that anyone can play at! Plenty safer options though so leaning towards unlikely.
  9. Yeah Muse will headline Reading again, not for another few years though. Going by tradition the earliest would be 2022/23. Bloody hell feels weird beginning to predict a headliner 4 years in advance ?
  10. Honestly feel a bit bad for BMTH if they get booked as a co-head. One of my favourite bands and I love amo, but it definitely hasn't propelled them up enough to go beyond sub-headliner level, and they simply won't sell the day tickets (supposedly like APE). I respect their artistic integrity to do whatever they want, amo really should've been a That's The Spirit 2.0 though (or with more 'bangers' as Sykes described a lot of TTS as). I'm sure they'd be looking at a solo headliner slot if it had gone that way. They've lost their hot factor a lot and would honestly look like a solid but unexciting sub-headliner nowadays, which is mad because looking back they were super strong when booked in 2015 before Metallica.
  11. Tbh would go down well with the demographic, but it's missing the 'big' headliner. Swap out any one of those 3 with something like Metallica and it looks legit.
  12. B-b-but Bellamy said it's Fury 2.0 ... Really though they've got the producer from Absolution/BH&R working on this one, so really hoping it's at least a decent track and not another Dig Down.
  13. Will have a standard shot ready at 8am for when FR disappoint us all and put ID as co-heads RB would be nice though.
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