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  1. Picky Bastards review (by me): https://pickybs.com/2019/08/26/live-green-man-festival/
  2. That Big Thief set was one of the best things I've seen in a long time anywhere! Set of the weekend, for me!
  3. Will I need to decant my rum into a plastic bottle to get into the campsite? It's time for the important questions!
  4. It was massively improved by BSS pulling out and Fat Whites coming in for me! But yeah, I'd be gutted if one of my must sees had pulled out.
  5. So much good music on Friday, though!
  6. Feel for you - happened to me last year for EOTR. Hope all is okay.
  7. Reckon there's any chance of them following in Truck's footsteps and moving IDLES to the main stage? Could be a pretty packed tent!
  8. I'd suggest starting with the new album, Serf's Up. Their set will be mostly that album and it was a bit of a change up for them. A big improvement in my opinion.
  9. Personally, that's a huge improvement for me. Fat White Family are ridiculously good live!
  10. There's no way Kate Tempest would be a back up.
  11. They don't even look in your bags. Beer there is great, but I don't take too much in, but you can basically take as many drinks as you want into the main area
  12. Must depend on where you were, the sound was great where I stood.
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