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  1. Watched him headline APE and it was mesmerising. I love the Green Man lineup so far, but Bon would be inifinitely better than our current headliners.
  2. With Fionn Regan announcing a new album, I'd say he's nailed on to appear isn't he? They love him. Still think we've got a decent announcement to come yet.
  3. That article is not a source of put any faith in at all. Why would they know? They've clearly just looked at the poster. I love Eels, though, and there's already so much good stuff on the lineup. I wouldn't be upset if it was true. But it isn't.
  4. That just looks like someone has looked at the lineup poster and made an assumption. Almost certain it's not Eels. Aren't they busy on the Friday?
  5. Cheers, mate. Glad you enjoyed it and glad you enjoyed him. If you want to hear me bang on about him some more, I talk about what his music means to me in the first episode of the podcast I co host. Cheers: https://pickybs.com/2017/03/21/pbs-podcast-episode-1/
  6. We've reviewed the Bon Iver day over on the website I run if anyone's interested. Please feel free to have a look around and give us a follow, too, should it take your fancy: https://pickybs.com/2019/06/07/live-all-points-east-festival-victoria-park-london-02-06-19/
  7. I think it's unlikely, but wouldn't totally rule it out. He was incredible last night.
  8. He headlined in 2012 and has only got bigger since. But yes, I agree we would be better served with a female headliner and I think that's what we'll get.
  9. Ha. Perhaps that, too. But I'd say he's definitely Green Man headliner status. Would be surprised if it was him, though, just because of his tour dates.
  10. He's bigger (and better) than most of them, though. Saw him at APE and he was amazing.
  11. It's also sounding like in glad I started making my way out after Holocene. Didn't even notice that they weren't playing the two new songs live!
  12. I'm glad you enjoyed my recommendation, he was superb wasn't he! I love him. I also think I must have got lucky with Bon Over - no talkers at all. I thought it was a staggeringly good set personally. Blood Bank was immense. Other than those two, I really enjoyed Charlie Cunningham, thought Kokoko, Matilda Homer, and Gently Tender were decent. Liked the bit of Ezra Furman that I caught and thought Snail Mail was boring as hell and seems to have only one song that she plays on repeat. Overall a great day, but with two of my top ten artists on the bill that was always likely.
  13. Tallest Man on Earth will be my highlight of the day. Amazing live performer.
  14. Gutted. I fucking hate John Grant with a passion.
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