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  1. smileii

    Lineup 2018

    Of my friends, those who were considering Wireless or don’t really care about the music are loving it, but the more ‘indie’ among us can’t see anything worth spending £200 on. I think dental’s right in that they’ll bulk out the undercard with indie over the next couple of announcements, but our custom will be long gone by then, Community or Y Not gives us a much better lineup for a lot less. There will be a demographic shift I think.
  2. smileii

    Lineup 2018

    Just edited to say this haha
  3. smileii

    Lineup 2018

    Both are at Community, which I believe didn’t share any acts with R&L last year (?), but Ratboy is certainly small enough that he could be at both. I’m not sure about Circa waves. EDIT: just checked, none of Community’s larger acts were at R&L, but The Hunna and Fickle Friends were at both so Ratboy’s looking more likely than Circa Waves
  4. smileii

    Lineup 2018

    It’s almost like their entire purpose is to make background music for adverts and film montages
  5. smileii

    Lineup 2018

    Why would a family member even contact him in the first place? What would they gain from that? The respect of the one and only Dudey Rhino and his sesh gremlins?
  6. smileii

    Really dodgy pop up on mobile

    I’ve had three of these over the last hour (I’m on iPod touch, iOS 11.2.1). They’ve started linking to german sites. The latest one was http://apple.com-a-nl-gem7.grote-beloningen-giveaways.trade/winip7nl_ios.html?isp=Cloudflare inc.&model=iPod Touch&
  7. smileii

    Latitude 2018

    Bastille are doing a small ‘Reorchestrated’ tour in April, with orchestral/gospel versions of their stuff. They’re playing Royal Albert Hall etc., and it sold out instantly. It’s the kind of thing I could see at Latitude- potentially as an afternoon ‘Special Guest’ or something?
  8. smileii

    Latitude Festival 2017

    Finally made an account so I can actually post. We've got our tickets for this year, and I for one am excited about The 1975, but then again I am the teen female audience you all seem to despair of. Would love to see Newton Faulkner there too, not long now until we know for sure