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  1. Have a good one, on my way to Reading now
  2. This festival is pretty shite, more picnic blankets than actual space. Swear I didn't have to pay extra to get to the front a few years ago too
  3. Walked past Emily & Michael on separate occasions on Wednesday and Thursday. Emily was with her little one so didn't want to bother her. Michael was driving and gave us a wave
  4. Jimmerz95

    Lessons learned

    Also not having to piss every hour was beneficial
  5. Jimmerz95

    Lessons learned

    I learnt that I don't NEED to drink to have a good time. So often at festivals I get myself absolutely rat-arsed early and by the end of the night I'm just bored of being intoxicated. On Saturday and Sunday I didn't drink any alcohol and I had an even better time than if I was bollocks'd.
  6. Feel like that's still a gamble
  7. I stayed in one of the PodPads in Worthy View with my girlfriend. I didn't haven any issue with the distance but my girlfriend did struggle to make the walk up the first hill and then the Worthy View "stairs". We still rated the experience enough to say that we are definitely going to try for Worthy View accommodation in 2020. I've stayed at several different festivals - regular camping and pre-erected camping. The queues were very similar to the other experiences I had and I feel like they were managed well. I remember being in Belgium where people just jumped queue for food/toilets. I had a great time with Worthy View, the car park was also a big positive!
  8. Incredible, Glasto 2019 has been the best festival I've ever been to.
  9. 1. The Killers 2. The Cure 3. Liam Gallagher
  10. Jimmerz95

    Bar Prices?

    Cider Bus was £5 for standard pints but more expensive for tarty options
  11. When does the music at Strummersville normally stop? Is there much of an atmosphere late at night do ya know?
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