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  1. Looks good. I defo think Liam Gallagher will the band before Strokes though 😁
  2. Has anyone seen or made a line up poster yet?
  3. If you find a line up poster, please let me know... Wanna do a hype list 😁
  4. Ffs RW had done it again and now I want to buy a ticket.
  5. IoW would never spend that much £££
  6. Due to my failure to get Glasto tix, line up dependent I will likely be interested in RW2020. I may know some of you from previous years forums (Hello again!). Could anyone answer: Do we have any good rumors so far or are we still guessing out our arse?
  7. Have a good one, on my way to Reading now
  8. This festival is pretty shite, more picnic blankets than actual space. Swear I didn't have to pay extra to get to the front a few years ago too
  9. Walked past Emily & Michael on separate occasions on Wednesday and Thursday. Emily was with her little one so didn't want to bother her. Michael was driving and gave us a wave
  10. Jimmerz95

    Lessons learned

    Also not having to piss every hour was beneficial
  11. Jimmerz95

    Lessons learned

    I learnt that I don't NEED to drink to have a good time. So often at festivals I get myself absolutely rat-arsed early and by the end of the night I'm just bored of being intoxicated. On Saturday and Sunday I didn't drink any alcohol and I had an even better time than if I was bollocks'd.
  12. Feel like that's still a gamble
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