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  1. Although I've done loads of Glastonburys this year was the first full weekend ticket since 2010 and I am gutted, however, over the last decade I may have missed a few and done a few Sundays but every time I have lived it in my front room, the streaming options via the BBC has been so good that I've had a whale of a time so I know this can work. The key for me would not be an 'on demand' service rather a curated festival starting and running to a schedule so that everybody watching is waiting for the headliner or gurning to Carl Cox's set from the dance tent in 95 at the same time, it's so simple to connect virtually and I reckon it could be epic. Maybe, just maybe, if we could build the vision with enough enthusiasm GFL or the BBC would run with it, raise some money, raise some spirits and polish the turd that is 2020!
  2. Not gonna miss me dog for a week.
  3. Info here Kaosillator's epic!
  4. The front room, bathroom and spare barsteward!
  5. Bring a twix.. sustenance + dog sorted!
  6. Me dog would see 'em off for sure!
  7. Of course! If we build it... they will come!!
  8. Even if it wasn't live, there's gotta be a fair old archive of previous sets, put 'em to the vote, 50p donation to charity maybe (the NHS workers would be my preferred cause), maybe Firiday fans night, Saturday Eavis night, Sunday artists pick?
  9. Yes! Unless you've got a garden then show us your tents and stages... were all connected so easily now, it'd be awesome to see so many people in the same mind space even if their locale was the other side of the world! It could be beautiful.
  10. Right, this thread is positive, it's an attempt to find a glimmer of light in the dark. Regardless of anything else potentially the festival will not happen in its normal guise this year but all is not necessarily lost, if we can't go to Glastonbury maybe Glastonbury could come to us! Inspired by the balcony parties in Italy - Three days of music and madness, curated by the festival, and/or the attendees, or maybe the artists... streamed to our front rooms/gardens/sheds/man caves/woman caves, thousands of micro festivals, sharing the love, maybe raising some funds for charities. This summer is looking like a potential shit sandwich but it would be awesome to have a time and a place, maybe the Eavii could party too, proper inclusive!
  11. Red Sauce, 'mato Sauce, whatever, ketchup... outside!! Agree re. Mayo - fridge, sauces - cupboard.
  12. Having seen Coldplay at Glastonbury before I was reluctant (Coldplay, meh) but I watched them because my son and missis wanted to and they were epic, so good, so upbeat and enthusiastic, they're not my cup of tea but, give 'em their due... they were awesome and although I thought the Xylo bands were a tacky gimmick they blew my mind, looking back up the hill to see the bands in synchronisation, just superb, a proper headline show!
  13. Too many moments to choose from set wise Pulp 95, Underworld 99, Hot Chip 2010... too many. Otherwise, one of my favourite moments was a state of complete chilledness that was almost out of body, 2000 (I think), laid by a fire with my mates at the Sacred Space being serenaded by the Rinky Dink Sound System, just blissful and a perfect ending to an awesome night, the details are hazy but I can remember the feeling of pure bliss as though it just happened. I didn't pedal, I was floating (may have bought some fudge)!
  14. Ha! The wife says the same, personally it's the only tattoo topic I've ever considered because I'm 100% certain that my lifelong love of brown sauce (ideally Daddie's) will endure!
  15. Refrigerating red or brown sauce is messed up, cook me dinner and then slather it in bloody nottlin' Daddie's... insane!
  16. If the festival is cancelled I don't think tickets will carry over but I suspect the organisers will be sympathetic towards this year's ticket holders so I think there will be some kind of pre-sale opportunity maybe like the local sale this year.
  17. Please, stop worrying about a weekend in June, yes it's the greatest weekend in the world but, please understand what's going on here.
  18. I think they've been playing for time, this was always on the cards.
  19. I don't know, what I do know is that the footage coming out of China was mental, scary, full-on horror movie stuff.
  20. Mate, they built mega hospitals and welded peoples' doors shut.
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