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  1. Just caned off Ozark... Gonna start over again! After Life 2 is better (so far) than 1!
  2. I agree, but it was amazing the difference in the time it took to get around the site minus the overcrowding, it was less 'edgy' but having been robbed in 98 I wasn't too bothered by that. Funnily enough, nowadays the site feels as crowded as the pre-fence days.
  3. Reads question after wrong answer... doh!
  4. Yep, Nanny Allen had sadly passed away the night before. Your go!
  5. This question malarkey's not easy, don't want to be a thread killer so... Why and to whom did Lilly Allen dedicate a song to during her appearance with Mark Ronson on the Other Stage 2008?
  6. 2007, Arctic Monkeys, Diamonds Are Forever
  7. Aye, that's how I remember it! Do we need a steward's inquiry (I was shit faced)?
  8. He came on stage twice (I think), his initial task was to...
  9. Hmmm, I was there and I was a tad excited (read wrecked) so specifics I'm a little vague on, the 'thing' I had in mind was neither of the above, you're both looking to deep in to it, he (DP) came on stage to...?
  10. Didn't he also do something else first?
  11. What did Dennis Pennis do on The Pyramid in 97?
  12. Google say 15 years protection, I had mine 35 years ago...
  13. I had the BCG as a teenager (got the scar to prove it!), would this jab still offer protection now?
  14. Trailer Park Boys - awful, brilliant, stupid... makes me laugh me arse off!
  15. In 95 the Main and Other (NME?) stages looked very similar (style/shape), with one obvious difference, what was the difference?
  16. Due to the mighty Tap gracing the pyramid!
  17. The volume going all the way to 11?
  18. Aww, was it was some old funky geezer...?
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