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    That's how fridges work, a soaking hat is my favourite!
  2. Barney McGrew


    'Kin awesome, summat else!
  3. Barney McGrew


    I reckon the radome is gonna hang from the crane as a mahoosive glitter ball rotating around and above the masses.... the mother of all glitter balls! Or maybe not, but I hope so as that would be awesome!?
  4. On the flip side... I was blissfully enjoying myself at a festival, I was a little tipsy and dancing away but as I'm fairly old and not exactly skinny it's more of a butt shake interspersed with a bit of pogoing, on looking behind me a guy said rather grumpily that I was pushing him back and gave me a filthy look, I was mortified, stepped aside and stuck me hands in my pockets. Killed it. With the benefit of hindsight I wish I'd ignored him and carried on, the crowd wasn't dense (I'd purposely sought a hole in the crowd) and matey could have stood still and held his pint somewhere else. So, all I'm saying is before you rip someone from their happy place just consider whether you really have to.
  5. Follow a straight line from stage to tower, pier emerging from tree line, it's easier to see with better/daylight.
  6. Aye, to the left of the park.
  7. Saw 'em in Brizzle last year, brilliant fun, awesome gig!
  8. Clicky? Not very good though?
  9. If the weather's nice, bring some bino's and head up the Tor.?
  10. Aye, just imagine something bad happening so you can't go to Glasto plus you lose your ticket money... Gutted! Allow returns but maybe increase the admin charge i.e. last week lose £50/ticket.
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