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  1. I suspect most people paid £30 to go to a party, Wolf Alice are not a party band as evidenced by the poor ticket sales for an event that usually sells out sharpish, they were a lull between the upbeat Supegrass set and the DJ at the end. We go most years, see the same friends and always have a great time; the music is, to a large extent, secondary... the primary mission is to party!
  2. The Pilton Party is always a pretty messy affair but I reckon the wrong band headlined; reminded me of the year Massive Attack headlined... the clue's in the name Pilton PARTY! We had a great time!
  3. Forecast is looking sweet!
  4. Guilty, 'twas for my son... honest...
  5. The Killers 200?, not their fault but where we were to the loudest thing I heard was my mate farting!
  6. To be fair I've seen some blindin' tribute acts, Bjorn Again (Glasto 99); seen by accident as very drunken very early, Limehouse Lizzy, Elvana and TRexstasy to name a few, also, there used to be a local Floyd tribute (Masque) who were just stunning (as good if not better than the real thing, Bike anyone?). Saw a Bowie tribute a while back and it was excellent, the attention to detail and the obvious love of the subject was clear, well worth the ticket price, a real tribute! I think tribute bands have their place, especially if the real thing is now defunct and they work best when the band are real fans who love the artist and the music as you get a fan's setlist. Some of 'em are dogshit though.
  7. Aye, getting in/out/dropped off/picked up is usually very easy.
  8. Maybe 6am corresponds to a full re-launch, new music on 6, posters, tour, etc... or maybe not.
  9. They're pushing the tickets because they've yet to sell out when it usually does fairly sharpish. 2/3rds of Supergrass played the Party a few years back as The Hot Rats (blimmin' great they were too!) stepping in at the last minute when the Vaccines had to drop out so I'm guessing that this is a return favour from Michael with Supergrass calling the shots... maybe?
  10. Nay, all done by midnight... re. transport, camp down t'road.... cheap as chips but bring torches as walk back is a bit sketchy traffic wise.
  11. In queue at 10, out 11:15, sorted!?
  12. Same as, always nice to know they're in the hip.?
  13. I regularly daydream about arranging a successful campaign to get Erasure a decent Pyramid slot... it would go off!
  14. That looks awesome! I want one... wanders off down t'shed
  15. The Godney Gathering, a lovely little one dayer with the Tor even closer!
  16. The Dead South at Croissant Neuf yesterday, excellent!
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    That's how fridges work, a soaking hat is my favourite!
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    'Kin awesome, summat else!
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