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  1. They tried to restrict alcohol the year Seasick Steve, Reverend and The Makers and Massive Attack played, ended up with loads of people sat outside the fence necking everything they had, eventually word came from the boss man to give up and let everyone in... it was pretty funny at the time as I think a lot of people were rat assed when they eventually got in, I know I was.

  2. Just now, deebeedoobee said:

    But every year I have bought them , I have bought and handed over to who ever I like. So they have been transferable. Plus I have never needed photo id.

    Exactly, I thinks it's just the standard festival ticket blurb, no id required to purchase, it's been on PP tickets for years.

  3. 14 minutes ago, deebeedoobee said:

    Nothing mentioned this year but this is new 


    I think that's been written on the tickets for a few years now.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Big durbs said:

    i bought tickets there for 2019 ( wolf allice/supergrass ) and that was on the first day tix were on sale , later i think you could buy them on see tickets

    We got ours from the shop in Glastonbury that year.

  5. 27 minutes ago, cidy said:

    Dont think we have ever gone to farm for pilton party tickets , pretty sure they still sell the tickets at the childrens world shop on the festivals behalf 

    We did once, can't remember which year though, possibly Hot Ratz/Plan B year.

  6. 3 minutes ago, westholtschic said:

    Would have said it might be Bastille but they are in Argentina on Wednesday 7th September.

    Bastille did it a few years back.

  7. 2 hours ago, Barry Fish said:

    Back to opinions...

    Macca doing the whole Lennon thing was a bit sick..

    Using his image like that felt wrong and distasteful but it made a few people cry who weren't even alive when Lennon was so its all good.

    I didn't see owt wrong with it and I'm pretty certain it couldn't have happened without Yoko's blessing.

  8. To the young guy behind us at Macca, singing along, well, shouting horribly and purposely out of tune to Hey Jude you're a dick and it took some serious self control on my part not to have word.



  9. Best - 4 Samosas, all the sauces £5 near The Other Stage.

    Honourable mention for the Cornish pasties at the top of the hill going into CV East.

    Worst (of the weekend though not on site) - Dog shit burger from Maccy D's at 03:00 this morning, gonna complain. 

  10. Pre the mega fence maybe as people used to just rock up with nowt, sneak in and steal all they required for a good time (we got robbed in 98), but since the fence it's a lot better; there are always opportunists about so leaving valuables about isn't a good idea (use lock-ups as already suggested) but your tent is unlikely to go walkabout.

  11. Anniversary event, CND affiliation/support pivotal moment in the festival's history/success... maybe?

    What's the guesses for The Other Stage?

  12. It ain't all bad, my last few visits have been Sunday only so what I do is sit down on Friday afternoon with a load of cider, load up the BBC website on my big TV, select a stage, crank it up and crack on!

    Cider's cheap, food's good, bog's don't smell and the weather doesn't matter.

    Last time around I think it was 5 stages streaming live (Pyramid, Other, JP, WH and BBC Intro - website not red button).

    Get on it!

  13. 16 minutes ago, t0paz said:

    Not that I’ve got a Sunday ticket, but what time can you get in from? I presume it’s not 00:01?

    I've known people get in previously at 00:01 but my last Sunday ticket stated valid from 11:00 (or maybe 10). 

  14. We've done Sunday loads of times, we've come back on the last bus (00:30ish), we've also bought a parking ticket and just driven and left as we liked or been dropped off and cadged a lift home with friends; last time we parked in Ashcombe and booked a car for the last viewing in Cinerarmageddon (sp?) and got a couple hours kip before heading off.

    The last 'Sunday ticket bus' maybe 00:30 but I think you could get a bus up until about 02:30 for a coupla quid, or party 'till 06:00/06:30 when the normal busses start again.

    Prior to the festival I got a quote for an emergency taxi from Pilton to Glastonbury at 04:00 and was told plenty availability, cost ~£25 (2019).

    Sunday tickets are awesome, no stress - rock-in, rock-on, rock-out.!


  15. 1 minute ago, GlastoEls said:

    Yes.  My link didn’t work.  So I just tracked by tracking manually and there it was for delivery tomorrow. 

    Thank you👍

  16. 9 minutes ago, cidy said:

    Have the church changed there set much ?

    Hey up buddy!

    Yeah, they were a girl down (the lovely Sister Mary Joy was absent), not sure why, nothing was said? I think there was only one song without the Reverend (Bang Bang), can't remember much else but it was still crazily uplifting and joyful but definitely a different set to the last time I (we?) saw them. Half of our group had never heard of them before but definitely came away thoroughly cleansed.

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  17. Just now, Supernintendo Chalmers said:

    Emily's post would suggest they're putting everything into Worthy Pastures. I'm sure their reasons for not going ahead with Equinox might be the same for Pilton Party 

    I don't know, Pilton Party's routine.

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