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  1. So I guess I'm back in the game. Just finished a brilliant 12km in under 60 minutes this morning and have found a triathlon coach to coach me through my first triathlon. With the Bath Half getting postponed to March, I need to keep it fresh and have a closer target so I'm booking local running events with a view to running triathlons next year.
  2. Pretty much what Shakey said but take another 4% off because I'm a negative Nelly๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. I'm just thinking the same thing...
  4. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    Now that you bring it up...I have always wondered why people look at me strangely. #strangerdanger
  5. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    Hey sorry I missed this, heading back down South tomorrow! Somerset is home though, so won't be long until I'm back.
  6. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    I look just a touch creepy ๐Ÿ˜‚.
  7. I didn't watch anything ๐Ÿ˜‚ I did research haha.
  8. I can definitely see Elton being the Sunday night headliner, I really hope Taylor will be there but Elton is fantastic replacement.
  9. Good luck! I'm sorry I couldn't be there to help or I would've ran a little bit of it with you!
  10. I'm hopeful of one down south, I'd book that instantly.
  11. Haven't seen it in decent quality since watching it on thw television 10 years ago, after this I'll probably check out Jungle in 2015.
  12. The most beautiful post of the year.
  13. 2011 QOTSA will do nicely, thank you.
  14. Thanks Funky, hope you're keeping well?
  15. Haven't posted much recently, fitness has been on the back burner, having a bit of crap time but really glad to see people are still working out and doing it successfully.
  16. Foo Fighters play a show in America 2 weeks before this and nothing booked after until 2022. I know they are a big American act, with no other reason to be in the uk around that time but they did play The Cheese and Grain so surely can't be ruled out completely?
  17. No idea why but I've always felt that Pet Shop Boys are quite likely to be involved with this.
  18. The Chemical Brothers 349 Iggy & The Stooges 388 The Prodigy 450 Queens of the Stone Age 122 (+10) Portishead 222 LCD Soundsystem 367 Christine and the Queens 251
  19. Underworld 240 Super Furry AnimaIs 115 The Doves 180 The Chemical Brothers 220 lggy & The Stooges 260 BIoc Party 190 The Prodigy 281 The Flaming Lips 155 Queens of the Stone Age 210 (+10) Portishead 235 LCD Soundsystem 441 Christine and the Queens 450
  20. Oh I love rituals, bring it on.
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