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  1. Hard agree. I'm always tired by the end of the festival and Sunday often feels really hard to negotiate the site. I often try and stick to one particular area rather than dart around the stages to make sure I catch all the acts I want.
  2. This is actually great. I'm going to revel in the memories, plus finally push myself to see Dr John Cooper Clarke.
  3. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    I may make an appearance tonight..
  4. Hey yea, it really is! I'm also far more productive after a run so that helps when thinking about a Cover Letter 🙂
  5. Oh that is a killer. Picking between them and Macca is not fun . Cheers 🙂
  6. Oh I missed that. Well that makes much more sense. Have we had any info on The Waterboys? I'm expecting Acoustic Stage.
  7. Probably zero chance but after we wondered whether Paulo Nutini would fill the Aerosmith slot on the Pyramid stage and then had info he's actaully on the Other Stage....I wonder if The Strokes may take up that slot? Aren't they supposed to be playing a show down south? Like I say very unlikely due to their normal financial/positional demands.
  8. Thanks! Considering I didn't run in January or February, I'm really pleased with how well I'm running already! 8km in 39 is still a great effort!
  9. Ran a new 10km personal best this morning, 45:05 gutted to not hit sub 45 but sure I'll get it at my next attempt.
  10. Starting to up my running. Pushing for 40km a week in the build up. Bath Half has been delayed yet again, but my training plan will remain.
  11. BIt Late but who needs help? One thing please be ready to transfer deposit funds immediately as my current job situation has not helped funds wise ha.
  12. Can't actually believe it, I'm in complete shock. He was such a lovely guy.
  13. Thanks for the kind response, I got out for my first 10km run this morning since November, boy have I missed that! Hopefully I will be able to get another job swiftly, I'm an 'academic' so have few qualifications but I have plenty or transferable skills and a strong set of references. Thanks! I'm getting support, my partner believes in me, as do my chosen family and that's what really matters.
  14. Recently my mental health has worsened dramatically, increasing my medication hasn't helped still on the waiting list for therapy and just trying to get myself out of bed has been impossible. I thought it can't actually get worse, that nothing would hurt me anymore until last night. Last night I was told by my employer that I'm being made redundant, effective immediately (I've looked and they can actually do this) so now I'm without any statutory sick pay, crippling depression, high levels of insomnia and recently discovered I have BPD. I really hope this doesn't come across as a pity party but I'm really struggling right now and will probably have to return my glastonbury ticket as I need the money.
  15. I do believe it's coming today. I think the next hour we could see a couple more acts slip something out there.
  16. Just finished my 3rd donation, enjoying a kitkat now.
  17. I managed to do the local parkrun on Saturday, my first since November and my first run since the first week of January. This year has been terrible for my mental health so far, I started having panic attacks in December and have continued to slide down since then, currently signed off of work with it and struggling to see past the current issues. I do hope that first run back will convince me to run often again and that this can be the start of my year.
  18. Wirh Wireless today and Latitude tomorrow, I think Thursday.
  19. Good question. I'd love to find out!
  20. Yea definitely, I've tried to educate him and advise why it's important but I'm getting nowhere currently.
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