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  1. Lamb, halloumi and red pepper burger by Williams Green. £9
  2. About as warm as this one, the Wednesday made hiking in unbearable. But we had a heavy storm overnight that didn't really do anything other than damp the dust.
  3. Ran 8.5km this morning pushed the pace for the first 6km, ran it under 25mins. I'm reasonably happy with my fitness going into the festival.
  4. The booking of Dave Chappelle feels really strange and totally unexpected (in the wrong way).
  5. Kalopsia


    It's 2022. Lizzo should know in the first place. Do better.
  6. Kalopsia

    Kate Bush

    Kate Bush would be a huge headliner and coup. I don't ever see it happening but I would absolutely love it.
  7. I had Thunder Fever this week. It was horrible.
  8. I'm going to be desperate for a ticket to this
  9. Great shoe! However I highly recommend you check out ON's they are fantastic. https://www.on-running.com/en-gb/
  10. Usually take a pillow from my bed as I love the touch of comfort. However, it takes up so much space and I want to pack light. I'm wondering if anyone has used one of these? If so worth it? https://www.decathlon.co.uk/r/camping-pillow/_/R-p-308735?mc=8549582&c=BLUE_TURQUOISE
  11. Diana Ross's performance tonight maybe impacting her crowd three weeks tomorrow.
  12. Hmmm trainers or walking boots...
  13. Did we have info she rejected it? I'm thinking Arcade Fire.
  14. Kalopsia

    The Park 2022

    Mr Bruce and Michael Shuman are good.
  15. I'm in need of some good quality walking shoes or boots, any bargains about at the moment?
  16. Well said. Sad to see what has happened to this site, a site I once found a lot of solace on.
  17. Ran 12km this morning and set up a diet plan to hopefully lose some weight and get back down to 60kgs!
  18. Just fancied hiding my face, people have seen me on the zoom chats but didn't particularly want to post my face.
  19. I don't drink so never battling a hangover:)
  20. Thursday night was fetish night last festival and you got to skip the queue if you dressed in fetish clothing. Hopefully they do something similar this year.
  21. He really is, just a genuine person. And a phenomenal runner, he wasn't even breathing hard after a sub 18 5km.
  22. Got to run with Alex Yee yesterday! Not everyday you get to run with an Olympic gold medalist.
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