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  1. There's also a RATM date leaked by the same account on 1st August https://www.facebook.com/events/2075906775845804/
  2. saw that super grass are down as tbc on the Glastonbury lineup, do you think they could play not too?
  3. Who do you think we'll be getting for 2020? Im hoping there will be some more interesting bookings now that its independent again
  4. yes, pegman was one of the highlights of the whole festival!
  5. has anything like this happened before and if so what happened then?
  6. will the BBC stage headliners clash with obelisk?
  7. announcement tomorrow at 12. Is there a possibility of anyone exciting being announced?
  8. as we learnt in 2017, this is key!
  9. pls pls pls leak it
  10. yh they have dogs and they sometimes they do confiscate alchohol if ur under 18 but sometimes they don't - tis a gamble
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