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  1. tobydlb

    Latitude 2019

    haven't you seen the rumours page?
  2. tobydlb

    Latitude 2019

    would human league be too big to do anything other than headline?
  3. tobydlb

    2019 festival

    https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/green-day-new-music-album-billie-joe-armstrong-american-idiot-a8675821.html any chances of gd in 2020?
  4. tobydlb

    2019 festival

    is there any insider information about acts that haven't been announced yet?
  5. tobydlb

    2019 festival

    when do you think My Chemical Romance will start doing shows again?
  6. tobydlb

    2019 festival

    does anyone have an idea when the next announcement will be?
  7. tobydlb

    YNOT 2019

    any chance of foals?
  8. tobydlb

    2019 festival

    I agree with you on the intro, I liked how it was slower - it made it more atmospheric
  9. tobydlb

    2019 festival

    two of the headliners (1975 and ToP) have produced two of the most unique and interesting albums of the year imo
  10. tobydlb

    Latitude 2019 Headliners

    efestivals is pretty sure Snow Patrol are going to be there sooo: Friday: Snow Patrol Saturday: George Ezra (probably bigger than snow patrol atm and biggest acts are usually on saturday) Sunday: Lana del Ray
  11. tobydlb

    Latitude 2019

    @eFestivals have you had any info about line up / ticket release?
  12. tobydlb

    Latitude 2019

    seeing as she is put as rumoured, is lana del ray meant to be any good live? Can imagine her being quite flat ngl
  13. tobydlb

    2nd Announcement 2019 Predictions

    I'm not denying that, they subbed catfish at a festival I went to this summer, but surely streets have dropped off just as much if not more than them but people are still saying they could sub?
  14. tobydlb

    2019 festival

    fair enough