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  1. has anything like this happened before and if so what happened then?
  2. will the BBC stage headliners clash with obelisk?
  3. announcement tomorrow at 12. Is there a possibility of anyone exciting being announced?
  4. as we learnt in 2017, this is key!
  5. pls pls pls leak it
  6. yh they have dogs and they sometimes they do confiscate alchohol if ur under 18 but sometimes they don't - tis a gamble
  7. pretty underwhelming announcement apart from revs and mike skinner. Feet are good tho and beans on toast will be great
  8. not yet as far as I'm aware
  9. does anyone know why Foals don't play Cassius anymore?
  10. do you think nothing but thieves could be 3rd down?
  11. who do we think is the best case scenario to be announced
  12. do you have insider info?? if so... any clues?
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