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  1. That Pula show will definitely sellout within minutes. Amazing venue.
  2. For big King Gizzard fans, strongly suggest to catch them in Croatia / Sibenik at Fortress in August. I think thats only like 1,000 capacity. Amazing venue, saw Bryan Ferry there once.
  3. Judas Priest - Avril Lavigne - Korn some 20 years ago at Rock am Ring.... and if i remember correct - once saw Katy Perry into System of a Down at Southside fest, also at least 15 years ago.
  4. Lana will not tour in 2022.
  5. Zero chance for either The Strokes or Billie Eilish this year.
  6. There is not much sense for Adele to play any festival. She can take on a solo headline show anywhere in the world at least 5 x more money than any fest would pay her. Maybe as an image thing she would do Glasto or Coachella, to launch her tour, but dont think there is any sense in playing something like Mad Cool.
  7. Spain wins it all this year. Both Prima and Mad Cool are ridiculous. You go to these 2 and you dont need to see any other shows in 2022. Both crazy line ups.
  8. A friend from the industry says that Tame Impala are playing Sziget. Could be total BS and totally wrong, but posting it here cause who knows...
  9. Is this one expected to on with full capacity this summer ? Whats that usually, 40,000 ?
  10. Pretty sure RATM will do a 2 week run in EU in June and then again late Aug / early Sep.
  11. Wow just realised what a nightmare it will be to put on a line up in 2022 for any festival curator. You have your original 2020 names + everything pre-booked for 2021, and all the new ones coming with records now or in the near future. Ridiculous ! So in play here are : NIN, Portishead, Pavement, Lana Del Rey, Dinosaur Jr, Massive Attack, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Radiohead, Fiona Apple, St Vincent, Nick Cave, Tyler, Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, Rosalia.....
  12. Very hard to say, the only thing i am positive is that most of the festival will not roll over line ups from 2020 and 2021 to 2022. 2022 will simply have to be a new year / fully new line ups.
  13. With Exit you never really know. Last summer they claimed up to 2 weeks before the event that it will happen. Then moved to August. And then again cancelled. And yes, I read that Serbia is doing great vaccination numbers. So you never really know....
  14. Wow, thats really strange. Around 0% chance that one will happen in Croatia in June.
  15. With each day passing, its clearer that no festival will take place this year. Coachella didnt even want to try for October 2021, immediately went for April 2022.
  16. There. Are. No. Big. Festivals. This. Year. Some fests / promoters might do a series of small scale shows, something under a bigger brand, but no EU country will allow 30k + people with zero distancing this summer.
  17. Uff, thats just extremely strong, just look at the headline trio :: Metallica, RHCP, RATM. Ridiculous.
  18. I dont agree that it has anything to do with artists, or promoters, or whatever. Its only governments, cities. Its absolutely the same if Metallica or Beyonce thinks this or that, IF any country bans large gathering and doesnt allow for events / festivals of 50,000 to go ahead, no matter what any promoter or artist thinks, it will not happen. And at this point, c mon guys really, there is no country in EU that will allow this June / July any events of 40-70k people, at one place, without any distancing, masks etc. Just very hard to image that.
  19. Vaccination is slow everywhere, very slow. Apart from Israel and a few other places. With this tempo, not much will change before the summer....nice weather and a bit of herd immunity will slow everything down, but not enough that you can have 35,000 people in one place without any distances. Its not gonna happen before spring 2022.
  20. Have a friend in the industry, and he tells me there was a big online conference this past week, Eurosonic Holland, with agents promoters etc. And pretty much everyone feels like June / July period is definitely lost, with around 15-20% of them still giving some little hope for Aug / Sep period. But most of them now turning to 2022.
  21. I believe Ken's optimism was more rooted back in the late November / early December period. Its a whole different picture today, we are marching towards February and its not like anything is going rapidly well. On contrast, many countries are having bigger restrictions / shittier days than a few months ago.
  22. Very very hard to imagine any large gatherings in Europe until at least August. There will be smaller shows, outdoors, up to 2-3k people, but just cant imagine 75,000 people in a field anywhere this summer....if vaccination goes extremely well, and all of a sudden countries can look at herd immunity of 75-80% people, then maybe there is some small light for September period, but thats also not something to bet on.
  23. They will for sure try very hard to get Fiona - but thats around 2% chance of happening. Lana Del Rey has a new record out early next year, so I guess there will be talks again....
  24. As someone wrote above, really hard to imagine anything happening in the early summer. Still some small chance for late August or September, but even that one I would put at around 20% the best. If we are being real, can anyone here imagine any government giving green light to 50,000 or 70,000 people without any distances, smashed together in a field, with tons of international concert goers freely travelling all over the world to shows. Just cant imagine that in 6-7 months from now. Shows will definitely return in 2021., it will be way better than 2020., some with social distance, some with smaller capacities etc. But unfortunately any massive big name summer festival can only take place if all systems are go and they can function at 100% cap. And that will, I think, happen in 2022. at earliest.
  25. More and more unlikely for anything happening in June, anywhere. Just hard to see 50-70k people, anywhere, on a filed or parking lot, without any distances and full capacity. End of August or September could maybe be doable, but also looking very tricky at the moment.
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