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  1. Probably the weakest InMusic in the last 5 years. Everything was doubled down, not more than 12-13k people I would say. A lot of stages disappeared, a smaller amount of bars. Felt like The Cure concert with a few more bands thrown around them. Still had some good moments, liked some live sets, but felt very strange all in all.
  2. Went to see Suede last night, really good show. I wasnt there on Monday, but yesterday seemed like there was a lot less people than in previous 2 years. Also less bars, stages, the festival seems smaller in general. Should be very crowded for The Cure tonight.
  3. My God, I really dont know who is doing PR for these guys and who is advising this guy to give such interviews over and over again ? Its such a wrong PR, they are always crying, saying bad things about other festivals, always putting out numbers about Ultra or Exit or whoever, how nobody likes InMusic and how alone they are in this hard fight against the world. Its really really retarded. And I always fall for this, start reading thinking it will be something else this time, something normal, but hell no, the whole interview once again how unfair is this world and how they are gonna end InMusic and how this InMusic may be the last one ever. Every fucking InMusic they are saying its the last one ever, basically just publicly trying to bully everyone into giving them more money. Its such a stupid practice, but I guess it works, cause InMusic is still here
  4. Wow where do they mind these acts? Is it only demo bands? I live in Slovenia but spend 1/3 of the year in Croatia, follow the music, and i have never heard of 95% of the announced local acts.
  5. Uf InMusic got so lucky late with this TC booking. Big band all around ex Yu, and i guess not that expensive. In our market, I would say only The Cure are a bigger band here. If TC would play Zagreb alone, i guess they can do 3,000 tickets themselves. No other band on this years line up can move that amount of tickets except for the Cure of course. Sometimes our market is just so strange, Skunk Anansie are playing Zagreb in a 5,000 cap venue, and Prague in 800 cap ?!
  6. They are good live act, always solid energetic performance. When they play solo shows, I would say they do around 300 people max in Zagreb.
  7. Unfortunately this definitely means sales are very bad. Dont think they have ever advertised so hard, and then decided not to raise the price and keep it the same after the cheaper period ended.
  8. Been to Zagreb today, heard a lot of rumours from media / musicians friends...including Papa Roach, Thievery Corporation, Tears for Fears...I personally dont believe in any of these, but people are throwing these names around. To me, it looks like line up is pretty much finished.
  9. Must say this surprised me a lot, I was certain it would sell very well. Guess the promoters thought like me; The Cure themselves are enough for 20,000 tickets in Croatia, lets spend the whole budget on them. For the past 2 weeks I have been to Zagreb a few times and saw aggressive advertising everywhere, people telling me its not selling well etc. I dont know, was expecting very strong sales. Then again, the truth is, if you are under 35 years, there really is nothing for you there. Line up is extremely old, like never before....The Cure, Suede, Garbage, Marr, all artists that have peaked 20-25 or more years ago....
  10. is this thing even happening ?
  11. Hm, are they local ? Never heard of this band, and I live part time Croatia, part time Slovenia.
  12. Skunk Anansie have always been very big here. Now that Ljubljana is sold out, I expect a lot of other fans from the area to go to Zagreb show. Zagreb show is in the venue 4 x bigger than Ljubljana. if Suede and Foals really are InMusic headliners this year, then Skunk would headline it as well. They are way way bigger here than both Suede and Foals.
  13. Yes, thats all very reasonable and true for our market. Foals are a way way smaller band here than both Garbage and Suede. Kurt Vile might be a big name in the western world, but in both Ljubljana and Zagreb, he is a club act worth 400 tickets.
  14. The Cure were simply to expensive this year, big festival wish, and all was booked around them. Other headliners are just reflection of the budget, that was all spent on The Cure. I like the line up and its a decent one, maybe some people will miss the second strong name, but for me its all good.
  15. Not my cup of tea but this is a very strong line up. Will sell out.
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