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  1. Would be surprised to see Lana on this one; she has Verona June 9, Bonnaroo June 14. I think i read somewhere that her EU tour ends in Verona, and she flies to US for a few festivals mid June.
  2. CB are great live act, but unfortunately pretty much nobody under 35 years old cares about them nowdays, with most of kids completely not familiar with them.
  3. amazing line up. brilliant. surprised to see Beck here, i think Gabi once spoke badly about him. also thought The strokes will do mad cool. but will maybe do both prima and mad cool.
  4. The Killers almost certain for 23rd.
  5. This one will fight hard for the worst line up this summer.
  6. I am pretty confident last two big names are The Strokes and MCR.
  7. Wow, someone actually thinks Shakira could play Primavera festival ? Wow, that would be the strangest booking in the history of this, and pretty much any other festival.
  8. I believe Lana is def on this. Probably Frank Ocean too. Was thinking MCR as well, now not so sure since they are absent from Coachella line up.
  9. The Strokes will play this. Not so sure about MCR anymore.
  10. This should do well over here, the same as Kings Of Leon a few years back. Big name, never played in Croatia.
  11. Pretty hard to guess this year, both first two headliners were left of the center, specially Deftones, would have never guessed that. Anyways, for third one i think its either The Killers or Liam Gallagher.
  12. I dont expect anything before mid January. Pls remember a few weeks ago everyone thought the festival will not happen in 2020, there were rumours its dead etc. Then they slowly started getting back to life, and I think it will be a log process, with much smaller headliners and less bands on the bill overall. Good news is its happening, but process of announcing will be slower i guess.
  13. Beck confirmed for Monday 22nd (his website). Deftones Wednesday 24th.
  14. yes these hashtags are extremely retarded and I just cant believe anyone serious would put those out.
  15. Great act, big fan. Afraid he will not pull that much people, here in this region Garbage and Suede are both way bigger acts (unfortunately), and they didnt do too well this year. But you never know.
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