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  1. OK OK i am gonna be the first one to say it; but i am not so sure that the festival in June 2021 can go on either Pretty much everyone agrees this will not disappear before vaccine is available. Which will be 18 months from now, earliest. Until then, most of governments agree that we will live a strange life, 2 months lockdown, then to boost economy a bit - they will allow for 2-3 weeks outside, bars restaurants opened, then numbers rise up again, then a smaller lockdown again, and so in circles. And now pretty much everywhere I read, everyone expects a second wave in the fall / winter....from November onwards, even if summer brings us smaller numbers. And in this whole period, I cant see a governments that will say; yeah its cool to have 90,000 people in one place and start this shit all over again. What a shitty nightmare.....
  2. If its cancelled you will get refund. If its only rescheduled - then probably no refund.
  3. This whole industry will suffer for years to come. Most indie promoters will sell to LN, cause no one will be financially able to survive. In US i think Primavera is already in bed with LN, while in Spain / Portugal they operate by themselves. Or there will be more and more investors fonds buying music festivals. I think smaller or indie fests that are not part of a large corporate groups simply can not survive this year.
  4. Mad Cool will be cancelled, cant see this one being rescheduled.
  5. They will probably communicate that this years ticket, if not used in an August edition, will be valid for 2021 edition in June. Looks like no refunds.
  6. Wow, super surprised to see this. They must be very optimistic. Or simply cancellation will hit them very bad, a year without the festival, so they are holding tight to last small bits of hope.
  7. There is no way this is happening this summer, c'mon guys.
  8. Just read that Orban announcement, he now says peak in Hungary is expected in July. Pretty obvious Sziget will not happen this year. Afraid its impossible for them to reschedule, so it will be cancelled.
  9. Yes, only with vaccine it will get back to normal. And that is spring / summer 2021 at earliest. Before that, everyone will be afraid of the second wave, and not really sure governments will allow for massive gatherings / tourism etc.
  10. The trend I am seeing lately is everyone just postponing to 2021, not even trying to go for later in the year, guess everyone thinks it will be risky still. Seeing all these major Arena tours; Bon Iver, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles etc, all postponing almost 12 in advance, to early or spring 2021. I guess everyone is simply deleting 2020 and turning to 2021. What a horrible year.
  11. Dont think anything will happen this year, it wont come back to normal until vaccine is in place. This just wont go away, it can come back in new waves, so i think no concerts and no sports / theatres / movies until 2021. Sounds extremely depressing, but i think thats the case. Most of events will simply go to 2021, like Olympics and Euro Football.
  12. Extremely small chances for this to go on. At the moment it would be a massive miracle if any of the summer festivals could go on. We are far from the peak with Corona in UK / Europe, and everyone will be afraid of the second wave. No one will take such a risk and go on with an event of 100,000 people. Seems crazy right now.
  13. At this point there are no signals that Aug / Sep would be any better, so I think they will just cancel. Would be too much of a risk to postpone to end of August, and then cancel.
  14. Looking like cancellation more and more. August seems just too soon, and they can hardly do 2 big fests mid September, so close to one another (Barca and LA editions). Was really looking forward to this years, amazing line up, but corona had other plans....
  15. Absolutely no chance any event takes place in June or July this year. Soon enough big bands will start announcing tour cancellation, Pearl Jam first one of them i guess, and that will lead to festivals slowly following with announcements.
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