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  1. is this thing even happening ?
  2. Hm, are they local ? Never heard of this band, and I live part time Croatia, part time Slovenia.
  3. Skunk Anansie have always been very big here. Now that Ljubljana is sold out, I expect a lot of other fans from the area to go to Zagreb show. Zagreb show is in the venue 4 x bigger than Ljubljana. if Suede and Foals really are InMusic headliners this year, then Skunk would headline it as well. They are way way bigger here than both Suede and Foals.
  4. Yes, thats all very reasonable and true for our market. Foals are a way way smaller band here than both Garbage and Suede. Kurt Vile might be a big name in the western world, but in both Ljubljana and Zagreb, he is a club act worth 400 tickets.
  5. The Cure were simply to expensive this year, big festival wish, and all was booked around them. Other headliners are just reflection of the budget, that was all spent on The Cure. I like the line up and its a decent one, maybe some people will miss the second strong name, but for me its all good.
  6. Not my cup of tea but this is a very strong line up. Will sell out.
  7. Suede are a great addition! Dont think they are that massive in Zagreb, but a great name, very strong sub-headliner.
  8. Nah, these are all press releases from promoter, its always some stupid numbers, people here in the region tend to lie a lot, cause of sponsorship, image etc. Exit always puts out fabricated numbers, Ultra Croatia also. I think i once saw that Ultra Croatia claims to have 200,000 people there, and then in the next sentence they say the capacity is 35,000 per day and the festival is 3 days
  9. I just dont know where from are you getting this 30,000 tickets thing. I dont think capacity of this festival is over 20,000. I've been there a few times and there have never been anywhere near these 30k numbers.
  10. that would do it for everyone everywhere.
  11. Originally i was sure it was The Cure and Muse this year. But then since The Cure started a pretty massive hype here, and tickets were selling great, i kind of thought why would they spend all that money on Muse, if they dont need to. But who knows, that tour gap on InMusic dates really is interesting.
  12. I dont think Pula Croatia is happening.
  13. I dont know anything about Eddie in Croatia, a friend from Italy told me some time ago that he is confirmed again for Firenze rocks. I would personally be surprised to see him at Inmusic, guess he is a very very expensive artist. He alone will sell over 30,000 tickets at Firenze again.
  14. Definitely this. The Cure are massive here in the region, and most of the ticket buyers are 35 or 40+, so they just want to see The Cure, are not a "normal" festival crowd, and if it rains and they dont like the line up on other days, they will simply stay at home.
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