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  1. I think the problem is that some people still believe its that old Exit, with good bands, that started as a positive revolution for a brighter future in Serbia some 20 years ago. But honestly for the past 6-7 years its just an awful line up, very trendy and very uninspiring, and backed heavily from government and main political party in Serbia. Their PR is also pretty bad for the past few years, just constantly talking about themselves, historic this historic that, festival awards, the best event in the history of all events, but underneath it all - its just a shadow of an event that it used to be.
  2. Really zero chance of this happening, it was obvious from the start its not gonna happen. I guess they used it as good PR, some news of hope, to get people talking about the brand....but in reality, this is not happening. They just aint gonna go from 200 people to 25,000 people in 6 weeks...
  3. With numbers of new cases rising again in all of the Ex Yu countries, I guess chances for this happening are getting smaller unfortunately
  4. Will be very very interesting to see how all this turns out. Much stronger economies and businesses can not afford to not work until 2022, and specially music business, live shows and festivals. With one more year without events and zero income, I think over 50-60% events would simply go bankrupt and couldnt survive until 2022. Lets hope for the best, cause if the virus is still a thing in mid 2021, it will be very very hard for anyone to bounce back from that.
  5. This is so strange....
  6. I really cant see Metallica being a replacement for anyone. Its Metallica. They will tour when everything is totally right again and when they can fill stadiums and headline the biggest festivals themselves. I would say 2022 at earliest.
  7. Havent been to Prima in the last few years, whats the days capacity there now; 55,000 ?
  8. Interesting, i was certain that FF will be there. They definitely need one more strong name then, SOAD alone are not enough. Volbeat and Seiler are pretty weak headliners, even thoe S&S are big here in Austria and will pull a lot of locals.
  9. Good job really, securing all these names again for 2021. I dont know how big are Rival Sons, thats a small club act right? Not sure if repeating them means anything. Deftones on the other hand mean a lot, and if they are there again, thats enough for most of people.
  10. Yes, things definitely change every week now. Have just heard that PJ will definitely be in Europe in 2021 and will repeat most of the dates from the 2020 schedule.
  11. Very surprised to see that SOAD announcement. Looks like only festivals + maybe a very small amount of headline shows. Maybe it really is a fear of indoor plays, i heard that Pearl Jam is also looking at postponing EU Arena tour all the way to 2022. Dont know, strange times...
  12. I am not sure 100%, but a friend that works for Austrian promoter told me that this years Sept date will probably be moved to November 2021. I guess its a full on Arena tour then, i dont think the band would only do 3-4 shows in Europe then, makes no sense, plus no other festivals around in that period.
  13. Coachella is not happening this year, and not sure anybody knows will they try to repeat the line up in 2021, or go with an all new line up. Looking at how they always search for fresh and new acts - ideas - reunion possibilities - I would think that Coachella will be one of the few festivals, maybe even the only one, that will simply delete 2020 line up and do a whole new one in 2021. RATM have already announced a full 3 month USA Arena tour for summer 2021, so i guess the plan is to do tons of solo headline shows, with only a few festivals here and there.
  14. Yes, heard SOAD will repeat most of the dates in 2021, while RATM will not, apparently they will skip festivals next summer and will do solo Arena tour in November 2021. So i guess maybe RATM in 2022 for festivals.
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