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  1. Put Royal Blood before Pearl Jam, remove Imagine Dragons and put TOP in their place and it looks somewhat realistic.
  2. I was actually hoping for some smaller/newer metal acts like Architects or Gojira. Is Metallica headlining making them more or less likely? I do think the festival should look to branch out with the undercard. Get some mix of metal/hip-hop/electro to spice things up and don't just overload with pop/soft-rock/indie which most days usually get on the main stage. If for example there was a decent metal band in the undercard on each day, it would get the SOAD crowd interested anyway and maybe give a chance to Kendrick instead of having to get Metallica to headline to attract those people. Same thing for Kendrick fans if they had other artists over the weekend and not just depending on one name.
  3. Maybe TOP could "co-head" with PJ or RHCP? Or maybe Kendrick could, if available?
  4. Placebo - Royal Blood - RHCP would be excellent final day for me. Fingers crossed. And maybe get Gojira for real this time
  5. Definitely hoping for Tame Impala, but could it also be Foals? Would be excellent to get both.
  6. Fair enough, to me it read like @FloorFiller is implying that, but maybe he wasn't. Anyway, Greta is a good shout I think, though weren't people complaining about them subbing too? Prophets of Rage were fourth down and mainly on the popularity of 90s songs/bands, so they are a different case.
  7. Hmm, I'll take the bait - name a few bigger rock bands that released their debut in the last 5-6 years that you consider better?
  8. Well, having seen both, Gorillaz is an improvement over Kendrick for me. And generally seems a decent change if we assume Kendrick wasn't coming - would fit well with TOP. Also very happy with Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves. Now lets hope SOAD returns or we get a heavy replacement (Slipknot, Tool, RATM, Rammstein). And also RHCP would be ideal, while i'm at it. 😀
  9. So @Ken19 were the final 2 big names for RW20 The Weeknd (sub) and Royal Blood (Barn) ? Edit: Ah nevermind, misread the year.
  10. Agreed. The situation should be taken step by step, but there's no harm in hoping for good lineups. It was pretty clear by the time the virus exploded in Italy late February/early March that this year was off. And the virus might not be fully resolved by next year, but chances are good we'll have our festivals back if they survive this year financially.
  11. Sweet. Make some small rearrangements and let's make this happen. 😀 Pearl Jam - FNM - Royal Blood The Strokes - Tame Impala - Noel Gallagher System - NIN - Placebo Kendrick - TOP - Anderson Paak RATM - The Weeknd - Run the Jewels
  12. But it does mean they are probably still alive, which is a good sign overall 😀
  13. Guys, I don't think you need to attack or downvote anyone who makes a joke about Ken. Yes, we all like him and he provides good info sometimes, but this forum is for everyone else too. Ken is a big boy, I'm sure he can handle mild sarcasm. And for RW, I would imagine the next month is pretty much wait and see. Things can go in both directions for now and I doubt any big co-headlining artist will be booking festivals in the meantime.
  14. Not to argue or anything, but if the borders are closed it doesn't really matter what the festival organisers say about the situation. You can see what is already happening to events in Italy and other countries. Fingers crossed for the best though, we all want a great festival.
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