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  1. Maybe 1 sub for Thursday. 1 co-head and 1 sub for Friday. 1 co-head for Sunday.
  2. Seems like it's possible, but not super likely. And it won't be a very high slot due to not being very big in Belgium. If they get announced it would most likely be in January/February along with a bunch of other names when RW starts filling up the smaller slots.
  3. Fair enough. I hope you get a chance to see them. I would personally prefer the Voidz in the Barn though. ?
  4. Pretty great. Put a couple more heavy bands like Architects and While She Sleeps on that poster and it becomes awesome. Also, are the Strokes really that popular in Belgium? No offence to the band itself, just curious. I would have guessed them to be a part of a co-headline with a bigger band. Maybe part of the PJ day (like Jack White last year) as Ken was teasing a really nice Thursday.
  5. Considering Frusciante is back with RHCP, let's hope they've been booked.
  6. Finally back on topic. I think there might be some truth in the comments that RW is sharing a headliner with Coachella or Glastonbury, which explains the wait to some extent. Glastonbury will announce their next headliner on Jan 15th, so maybe RW will announce around that time as well. Maybe that points to a big-ish name. Based on previous discussions though, I think it will some mix of Tame Impala, the Strokes and something more mainstream like Post Malone or Ellie Goulding. RHCP has also been mentioned, but that might be SOAD's co-head instead. Small chance for GnR as well I guess.
  7. Any chance at all of Faith No More doing RW as well? Or GnR if available? I mean, I'm assuming the focus for the remaining headliners is/was the Strokes, RHCP and Tame Impala, but just checking if Ken has any cool stories to share. ?
  8. Well, it's still listed here: https://aardschok.com/
  9. I also feel like we are probably done for the week. Hope we are wrong though. Fingers crossed for at least 1 more announcement before the holidays.
  10. So tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am. Combined with more names and/or another headliner I hope. It's still Kendrick most likely anyway.
  11. I would like that too! Gojira, Architects, While She Sleeps, The Hu, Killswitch Engage, Faith No More, Ice Nine Kills would be in my metal wishlist.
  12. So just wait and see like everyone else? I'm guessing at least something from that list will be announced. Though you have to understand that some of these are not even touring next summer. And your list is also full of repeats so people would be complaining about them too. So remember the headliners are headliners because people have heard of them, they can't announce completely new artists as headliners. Those kind of announcements should hopefully follow soon though.
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