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  1. But it does mean they are probably still alive, which is a good sign overall 😀
  2. Guys, I don't think you need to attack or downvote anyone who makes a joke about Ken. Yes, we all like him and he provides good info sometimes, but this forum is for everyone else too. Ken is a big boy, I'm sure he can handle mild sarcasm. And for RW, I would imagine the next month is pretty much wait and see. Things can go in both directions for now and I doubt any big co-headlining artist will be booking festivals in the meantime.
  3. Not to argue or anything, but if the borders are closed it doesn't really matter what the festival organisers say about the situation. You can see what is already happening to events in Italy and other countries. Fingers crossed for the best though, we all want a great festival.
  4. While She Sleeps headlining the Slope on Friday would basically fix that day.
  5. Btw, what are the chances of a festival cancelation right now or if the coronavirus situation gets more serious? I mean fingers crossed all is well, but I'm sure it's becoming a concern.
  6. Yeah. Add another 10-15 small names next week + Post Malone and it should be complete.
  7. So what are we thinking now - is that officially a 'no' for Gojira (and While She Sleeps)?
  8. Agree. And the guys said to lower your expectations multiple times. That's why i'm not having much hope for Massive Attack either for example. My only remaining hope is they actually add Gojira and/or maybe other smaller heavy bands to spice-up the first couple of days. And if KoL are the only 'big' option left just promote someone else to a co-head (and not Liam... ) . Get Royal Blood. Though I'm assuming they would prefer a female artist, if any.
  9. The most interesting question is if we are getting a co-head with The Strokes. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Strokes - Liam - Lewis Capaldi are the final 3 on the Main that day.
  10. Most likely, yes. We are probably waiting for a few mid-sized acts though.
  11. Any hope of mixing it up with some heavier bands like Gojira or While She Sleeps?
  12. Maybe 1 sub for Thursday. 1 co-head and 1 sub for Friday. 1 co-head for Sunday.
  13. My guess/hope for Sunday is RCHP - SOAD - Volbeat.
  14. Seems like it's possible, but not super likely. And it won't be a very high slot due to not being very big in Belgium. If they get announced it would most likely be in January/February along with a bunch of other names when RW starts filling up the smaller slots.
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