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  1. Stevie Wonder. Stevie FUCKING Wonder. On the pyramid stage, after Faithless, and I was there!!!!!!!
  2. Apparently this could mean any one of these... I assume it's the first one and I've accidentally wandered onto Mumsnet (again) DIL Daughter-In-Law DIL Dillon (Amtrak station code; Dillon, SC) DIL Diploma in Law (various locations) DIL Deed-in-Lieu (finance) DIL Do It Live DIL Dilute DIL Dual In-Line (integrated circuits) DIL Dilate DIL Dual in Line DIL Discrete Input Low DIL Distribution Interaction Language DIL Distributed Intermediate Language DIL Digital Logic DIL Digital Integration Laboratory DIL Direct Link DIL Device Input Output Library DIL Digital Infrared Link DIL Digital Interactions Laboratory DIL Digital Imaging Laboratory DIL Dual-Induction Log (energy production) DIL Digital Image Library DIL Division de l'Intendance et de la Logistique (French: Division of Stewardship and Logistics) DIL Diagnostics Immobiliers Lyonnais (French: Lyon Real Estate Diagnostics) DIL Digital Impairment Learning (modems) DIL Direct Inward Line DIL Distribution Idéale Libre (French: Ideal Free Distribution; ecology) DIL Digital Integration Laboratory (Army Software Engineering Center) DIL Derived Intervention Levels DIL Deliverable Items List DIL Digital Integrated Laboratory DIL Dichiarazione di Inizio Lavori (Italian: Declaration of the Start of Work) DIL Dielectric Image Line DIL Département d'Informatique de Luminy DIL Digital Information Laboratory DIL Daily Instruction Logs DIL Dilan Interactive Learning (free tech training downloads and printouts) DIL Drainable Interstitial Liquid DIL Director of International Logistics DIL Disconnected, Interrupted, and Low-bandwidth DIL Data Interchange Language DIL Deferred Item List DIL Dear Investigator Letter (healthcare) DIL Displayed Impact Line (US Air Force; fighter plane guide) DIL Dangerous Illness List DIL Direct Industrial License (India) DIL Differential Insertion Loss (optical systems)
  3. OK, still officially going ahead. Remind me again in an hour.
  4. And yet again you seem intent on making other people panic too. As I said to you yesterday, have a day off!
  5. They did, 3 days ago they released the lineup. Would you like hourly updates?
  6. bombfrog


    Looks like a tiny venue for them. I've been there once for a Secret Cinema event but it used much more of the space because it was over multiple rooms. If I remember rightly there's not much space in that bit.
  7. Developing the vaccine doesn't take long, I believe one may already exist. The problem is the length f time that trials take. You can't go givving hundreds of thousands of people a vaccine that hasn't gone through usually about 2 years of testing.
  8. Interesting stats on the news just now.... Apparently there is overwhelming support for rationing amoungst the general public here and in Italy there is 89% support for the lockdown. None of this surprises me. I think most rational people would support limiting what people can buy given the idiocy we've all seen in the supermarkets recently. It's just a few people ruining it for everybody and rationing would sort that. The supermarkets are already starting to do this.
  9. This is a friendly place, as I'm sure you know, if you're struggling don't be afraid to ask. I'm worried about my parents too, my stepdad has diabetes but he's 2 years short of retirement age so is still going out to work. It's not good really, but I'm still positive about the next few months.
  10. We're not belittling it, I'm sure I speak for everyone on here when I say that we wish you and all your family the best, your personal situation doesn't sound good but that doesn't mean that your statements on here haven't been over the top. Nobody except you is talking about this lasting beyond the summer (not the worst of it anyway), or there being the level of death and destruction you're talking about. Just because things are going to get bad, doesn't mean they're going to get as bad as you're making out and doesn't mean we're belittling you by saying so. It sounds to me like you've got yourself into a dark place where you're fearing the worst, but instead of asking for help you've decided to try to scare the shit out of everybody else, possibly not conciously.
  11. So, Peston himself uses the term "wartime-like" when talking about people over 70 being quarrantined for over 4 months. It just seems crazy to use that kind of language. The last war on our soil went on for 4 years, had much more wide-reaching effects on daily life and caused 56 million deaths globally. It's just stupid, irrational, irresponsible language to use.
  12. You're missing the point. Stopwn1981 said... "Is the current generation ready for a war-like footing - I highly doubt it." What exactly is a "war-like footing"? None of the things you mentioned, certainly. Ask people living in Syria at the moment if it's a fair comparison.
  13. I just checked, China currently has 3189 deaths and a population of 1.435 billion people.
  14. And we're not going to, because it's not comparable. The last time our ancestors did the Germans were literally flying over them dropping bombs on their houses. Get a fucking grip people.
  15. What exactly do you mean by this? Hyperbolic statements like this only serve to induce panic. I'm sure things are going to be bad, hospitals will run out of space, food will be rationed for a while, but I don't think it's quite the same as being bombed by the Germans.
  16. But they have, haven't they? These threads are way too long for me to find them now but there's been at least one or two festivals postponing or carrying over tickets for those that want to. As long as they offered a refund for those that apply I can't see what would make it illegal?
  17. No, you've highlighted something which says that NO refunds will be given EXCEPT..... which doesn't mean refunds would be automatic, just legally available.
  18. The first one is a difficult one to call. All tickets already sold (minus refund requests) versus no increase in ticket price. If I were them I'd go with the first one and cut costs a little bit (no nice new things like Glasto on sea or re-investment in sewage etc. for a year), that's probably what most business would do. The second one is a good point, there's something psychological about already having spent money but you're right, some would ask for the money back because they need it.
  19. Nobody is suggesting that they won't honour refunds for those that want them, just that it makes financial sense for them to carry over tickets for everybody that doesn't ask for a refund.
  20. This is one of those things that people on here seems to say quite often but it's simply not true. The last time we had a major recession the festival didn't sell out and although it's likely I doubt the festival ever take it for granted. Of course every year it's difficult to get tickets and some of us don't get them, the Eavii always trot out this like that there's a million people trying to get tickets etc. etc. But did you ever stop to think that those statistics might not be completely true? ME exaggerates every time he opens his mouth and he's very good at marketing, but we all know that a million people aren't trying to buy tickets because we've polled on here and amongst friends who don't use the forum often and we know that WAY more than than 10% of people who try for tickets get to them. Add to this the fact that recent years haven't been in the middle of a recession and I think only a fool would assume that next yer will automatically sell out and Michael and Emily are not fools.
  21. So, you've got financial problems piling up around you because you've had to cancel the festival for a year and your two choices are (A) pretty much a guaranteed sell out already for next year (minus some people asking for refunds) or (B) start the whole process again in what is most probably going to be a recession by that point. Add to that the fact that many on here think it's fairer to the people with tickets to carry them over and it's an absolute no-brainer if you ask me. The festival is run by good people but they're not a charity. Also, they're not as different to every other festival that is doing this as people seem to think they are.
  22. Ah Jesus, now I really want a Cadbury's Creme Egg. I wonder if they're still in the shops or whether anyone has panic bought them all?
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