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  2. Just no. Talking out of all 4 of your asses I see. This thread is just embarrassing now.
  3. I'm also feeling more positive today, not necessarily that there's any more chances of Glasto going ahead but just in general. This will pass.
  4. Yeah, it's bullshit. Wish people would stop posting rumours and nonsense off of Twitter.
  5. Your opinion that it's not going ahead is fine. Calling people 'deluded' just makes you sound like a bit of a dick. It's definitely unhelpful.
  6. This is the bit that I think some people are finding it hard to grasp. If you go back in time the same number of weeks you get to before Christmas, 2 weeks before China reported it's first case.
  7. That's just 3 weeks away though. Surprised they hadn't already.
  8. And I've tried to explain to you that I don't think it will go ahead and haven't said anywhere that it will. Are you confusing me with somebody else?
  9. About what? Where have I said I think it's going ahead?
  10. No, you misunderstand me (as some others seem to have, even though I've been very clear about this). Maybe it's because the thread is very long and people haven't been scrolling back and reading all the posts but I am not positive at all. However, just because I think the festival is likely to be postponed or cancelled doesn't mean I can't be sick of certain people on here playing Johnny Big-Bollocks pretending like they know everything as absolutes, presenting opinions and guesses as facts. Armchair experts as far as the eye can see this place and it's not helpful at all. In answer to your questions.... Do you agree that the government has just withdrawn emergency service support from mass gatherings? Yes, for an unspecified time Do you agree that the police is an emergency service? Yes, obviously 🤨 Do you agree that Whitty said the measures will be in place for many weeks? Very vague, but yes "weeks", not "months" Do you agree that any festival requires the police to help run the event (from traffic to onsite - from licencing through to behaviour/drugs etc etc)? Of course. Let's be careful to report what was said, without twisting and let's not try to draw too many assumptions from it.
  11. So you've heard from somebody inside the events industry that it's cancelled have you? For sure?
  12. Speculation. Probably correct, but still speculation.
  13. I also don't work for GFL or at the top of government so much like you have no inside information. Thanks for confirming.
  14. Nope, you are speculating because nobody knows except Emily, Michael and a few others. You may be speculating based on a bit more industry experience than some others on here but you're speculating nonetheless.
  15. Says, who? And who would be "going against" governemt advice? Events haven't been banned, workplaces don't need to shut down, yet. Once again, you're presenting speculation as if it's a fact. You have absolutely no clue whether what you're saying is true or not. You have absolutely no credentials here unless you work for GFL or the government. Getting really sick of armchair experts on here.
  16. Which is, unless I'm mistaken, over 3 months away, as I said. As far as I understand, people are still allowed to go to work. Listen, I'm not saying you might not turn out to be right. I think there's a very strong chance it'll be cancelled. But nonetheless, you're speculating and unless you work for the festival you're talking about something you don't understand.
  17. Exactly. That's a long time when things are moving this quickly and the government have stated several times that they wouldn't want measures to last too long.
  18. We're still over 3 months away though. They've previously said that they don't want to do it for too long as they know the public won't tolerate this for months and months.
  19. People speculating about license restrictions, people speculating about their ability to get insurance, etc. etc. As usual, everyone's a fucking expert all of a sudden. Everything is speculation until it's cancelled.
  20. I'm generally fine until I come onto this forum. Went to Tesco today, no problems whatsoever, everything in stock except flour (even toilet roll wasn't that low). Dodn't see anybody stockpiling, the staff were lovely and even the food bank donations were overflowing the bin. Then, I come back on here and it's all gone a bit Mad Max. We're all gonna die.
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