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  1. thats disgusting, no one should be refused tap water I was obviously lucky I didnt have that problem
  2. Once a day i filled my 6ltr water container and topped up from that, i had no problems and only qued on the first day to do this. Taps are readily available, and bars etc will always give you water
  3. Exactly, i drink as much water at festivals as I do booze these days and just use my refillable bottle, no problems at Kendal nor any other festivals. I rarely buy water, its a waste of money when tap water is readily available if your willing to ask
  4. None of this will change, its the same at every festival in the UK
  5. IDLES absolutely bloody killed it, as always we watched dream wife - slow thai - IDLES so missed all the rain...brilliant Saturday for us! I heard the crowd for doves was tiny? not sure why they were headlining anyway tbh , but glad IDLES were in Calling Out for the weather!
  6. We've been worrying about this too. I always see dogs and last year saw some police with a bunch of young lads. However my pals always get green in so we're going to risk it. Im just going to hope they have bigger fish to fry than a couple from the midlands wanting to smoke a little. Surely the dogs are more aimed at people who may be hoping to deal / cause harm to people around them? *does a little prayer* We're on the shuttle bus so no car for us!
  7. amyg1990

    First KC

    We're all aged around 30 and coming to have a good time but equally we're not 17 anymore. Where's best to camp where we won't disturb those wanting an early night / with families but also not partying all night until 7 AM? we're of a similar age and mindset and camp in Great Holmes Do people take drugs? Is it frowned upon? We smoke a bit of green but don't want to cause offence or ruin other peoples experiences there isnt as much drug use as at other festivals but we smoke a bit of green and im not aware of it causing offence! Any must see / do things? Hang out in Tims Diner and have some pizza! Any other tips? This will be my first non-Glastonbury experience in around 10 years... its like a mini glastonbury so hopefully it wont disappoint!
  8. They said that my tickets were in the post bag ready to go out (last night on phone) And I've just checked the tracking and it has changed to dispatch
  9. I had same problem yesterday. When I did eventually get through to them I asked them why they were so hard to get hold off. They have a festival this weekend and were having a lot of calls regarding that. I will vouch for them as usually I get a reponse within a few hrs from them
  10. ticketline have given me two order numbers! one has been 'refunded' the other 'isnt ready for dispatch'. Pretty unnerving, their lines are engaged too! Have emailed them ?
  11. anyone found any updated clashfinders? that one above cant be right, the sets go on far too late!
  12. im not aware of there being any showers I take a foldable bucket and even manage to wash my hair there are a lot of water sources in the campsites including water basins please dont buy wet wipes they are so so bad for the environment
  13. it isnt that bad, most other festivals i have been too have been much longer!
  14. idles Glastonbury set was phenomenal!
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