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  1. That still makes me chuckle. The year they had the badges " I rode the mono rail " . I had gone to see my friends band ( she played bass ) at the Queens Head, i had got in the mood with an earlier pill but then decided it best to go and stand by the exit to get some fresh air. Anyways a girl came up to me and kept asking me about the mono rail , forgetting that i had the badge on. "Where it was , where does it go ? etc. I just stood there and sorted of replied "that there was not one " To be then given a lecuture about well you have a badge so you must have rode it and i think she thought i was keeping the mono rail secret like the Rabbit Hole. So she is ranting on and i am just trying to avoid a trip to the medical tent !
  2. Why the huge gap between Faithless going down a storm in 02 and not returning until 2010 ?
  3. ivan

    Claim To Fame

    Told by my friend "In the early 70's in rural Wales i walked into the Post Office and Robert Plant was in there. I asked if he was Robert Plant " and he replied " Sometimes " I got him to sign a pack of cigs for me , but when i got into punk i ripped the packet up in anger !!
  4. ivan

    Claim To Fame

    I made the Glasto photo web site the other year from the Wednesday night fireworks Whilst everyone was standing i was sat on a stone at the circle in a Stone Roses hat waving a beer. Will try and fish it out !
  5. Can't say too much at the mo but some secret sets are planned so keep eyes and ears peeled.
  6. At least we can modify the line up to suit and set the playlist accordingly. But I have a feeling my mate will have Thin Lizzy headline on the Sat night !
  7. Are you sitting in the car Tuesday night and putting your tents up Weds morning ? And do you think you may pack up early Sunday and miss the headliners ?
  8. Living in Yorkshire the fear of M1, M42 and M5 down and back is better than any lockdown. Although I have been told many times the people of Bristol think Glastonbury is their right. But perhaps the person that tells me has a beef with Bristol folk and is just bitter ?
  9. How may trips do we think will be required and should i leave some booze in the car ? Remember no glass on site please!
  10. The occasional “ Can i check your wristband please ? “ Won’t go amiss. And you could always head to SE corner of your home to make sure the naughty corner is behaving .
  11. There would be a few naughty Premier League players that would not pick 10 friends or family , but a bevvy of Brazilian models
  12. I am stuck between a rock and hard place. Travel Insurance will pay out if i am told not to to travel . Ferries won't refund as they are still running and hotels are saying if we are open and you don't show you lose your money - AaH I am surprised with The National being early June they have not issued a cancellation announcement yet ?
  13. Any word on The National gigs in June in Belfast & Eire ? I am booked to bring my bike across to Larne and as well as weeks biking have a ticket to see em in Limerick.
  14. I presume the material has some paper and filter elements that would be ruined in the wash , but i could be wrong
  15. Did you see that thing on Facebook where a woman was caught on camera pulling up at side of road and throwing dog muck bag out of the window ? - Priceless - in the sense that she got caught in the act
  16. That's not the virus that's your neighbours probing !
  17. Masks could be the new plastic bags in terms of being dumped everywhere and another thing not to be flushed down the loo !
  18. ivan

    The Strokes?

    They have had enough chances already to play in their career so they should have struck whilst the iron was hot so to speak.
  19. Seeing and hearing Master of Puppets on the pyramid for me was one of the highlights of all the G's i have been to .
  20. Sit tight on that - If it gets worse and hotels etc are forced to close then Premier Inn will refund you. Or Bookings may fall off the cliff and they may consider its not worth them financially keeping the hotel open so they will cancel and refund you.
  21. ivan

    My first ever gig.....

    I was there and there seemed to be a total lack of connection between the band and fans. Not helped by Alex T saying " I'm not really feeling it tonight " So if you cannot be arsed why should we ? And yes you are right first gig i think i have ever been to where it was just pointless trying for a beer.
  22. ivan

    My first ever gig.....

    Saxon - Bradford St George's Hall in Sept 1982 on their The Eagle has Landed Tour followed by AC/DC a few days later on the For Those tour at Leeds Queens Hall And thats why i am still doing gigs and on this bloody forum now !!!!!!
  23. My camper has the reg 2112 . No prizes for guessing why i chose that. Last year camped at Deer Shed Festival chap next to me asked if I was a Rush fan. Regarding albums i will go with The Lost Riots by Hope of the States. Very appropriate in these challenging times Really sad but they played John Peel in 2004 after a certain band from Las Vegas took on the world. I walked into the tent and saw last few songs by The Killers , but wanted to get a spot for HOTS - how things work out eh !
  24. I think the rule of thumb is if you postpone you carry all tickets over unless those individual person wants a refund.Cancel and you have to refund everyone
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