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  1. So....do we know when the decision will be made?? Today?
  2. Amazing!!! I can't believe they put this stuff on t'internet
  3. What? What? Are you guys watching the council meeting where they argue for a party on the farm in September???
  4. Ah! Just spotted Wolf Alice tickets in Barrowlands.... Tempting! Fuck it. I'm doing it 🙂
  5. Glad I got in quick. Standing in London and Glasgow already sold out!
  6. Three standing for Glasgow, hooray! And may end up being my first time at the Hydro. Got the Glasto fear when I got the holding page a couple of times. Aaaah my old friend, how I missed you.
  7. Yeh, I was just thinking this! On the site now refreshing....I think it's a mega good deal. Going for Glasgow standing, and London if not.
  8. How's this Royal Blood sale gonna go....? Over in a flash..?
  9. Wait, there's a promo on Henry Weston's????
  10. I'd probably rather have gigs with masks, than no gigs at all until the powers that be deem it safe enough...
  11. "Ultra left"? As in, the kind of thing that even Lenin would think was "a bit much" on the leftie scale...? Sure it is 😆
  12. Sorry, no, not you. Priti Patel I believe. Who is herself quite dreadful.
  13. "That X-thing was dreadful" Hypocrite
  14. Just logged on and was hoping this was gonna be Saturday...I am keen! One day 🙂
  15. Hello Ben and @Acid LoafersLoafers! Feels like a long old time since I've been on this thread.... My friends have tickets for Houghton and trying to convince me to go for tickets this week. Ive not been, and would probably rather go to Boomtown BUT as these two friends are also my Boomtown crew, that is off the cards I think. So, what's Houghton like? And do you know how much tickets are? P.S. Does anyone know what happened to @FuzzyDunlop?
  16. Twice recently I've found that I have written about days of the week as something like: "on Tuesday's and Wednesday's". Once was in a work email that I'd already pressed send on. What the hell is that about???
  17. Oooh you can load music...? I guess only from MP3 though?
  18. To be fair, it does take it a wee bit harder if you don't have something to motivate yourself for. No Glastonbury, no beach holidays. Fortunately, I have quite an attractive neighbour and there's only a few months to go until prime "flirting over the fence of an evening" time... Probably less likely to want to do that in sequin hotpants though.
  19. Sorry. I responded before I saw the sensible Quark advice!
  20. The 'woke generation'? Do you know how old the majority of the posters on here are? (No offence guys!)
  21. To be fair though.... We almost let everyone do this, almost a whole year later. I do see your point, and it is fucking shady in many respects, but I do partly think the complete magnitude of the problem maybe hadn't manifested itself. Or if it had, they didn't have a fucking clue what the best public health approach was. Totally shitting themselves probably. We had the benefit of hindsight almost, having seen it play out already, and what did we do? Fuck all.
  22. Yeh! Let's have all of the bands 😄
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