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  1. Nice line up! When does this usually sell out? Does it sell out quickly?
  2. So we can rule out Tame Impala as they've been announced for PKP, right?
  3. Royal Blood are touring again... hope they appear on the line up
  4. The Cure Mumford & Sons / Florence & The Machine Metallica Muse
  5. Someone said the line-up was complete, but I still think they will add another name for the slope on thursday and two more names on saturday. That way each day will have the same number of acts per stage.
  6. Has anyone ever booked The Hive MySpace? What are the differences between that and the Hive?
  7. I'd say there are still three names for the slope to be announced. One for thursday and two for saturday. That way, every day will have the same amount of bands per stage.
  8. Where do you think James Bay is gonna play? I think he's more likely to play 4th down on Main (assuming The Script are subs for thursday) than closing a tent. Last time he played on main stage.
  9. How many names left to complete the lineup? Will we get them all this friday? Maybe stage splits?
  10. I think someone said The Offspring were ruled out.
  11. I think he meant franz ferdinand and not foo fighters by FF haha
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