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  1. I've got space for 3 more in our group for the sale on Sunday. Message me if interested!
  2. I've got space for 3 more in our group for the coach sale tonight. Aiming to get tickets from London and the surrounding areas. Message me if interested!
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before.... I thought that last year it was a maximum of 4 in a group for the coach sale and 6 in a group for the main sale. However on the ticket page it says that there is a maximum of 6 for the coach sale. Is this correct and I'm just misremembering?
  4. Really enjoying this album. Much better than I expected.
  5. The Sherlocks is hugely underwhelming.
  6. Have Bad Nerves and Dinosaur Pile Up filled up a spot that we previously had down as a secret set then?
  7. I saw the post. It said 2019, they were this year's dates. I think they changed their profile picture and the dates were linked to the picture, so it displayed the dates as text.
  8. Agreed. It's so stupid not having a rock/indie option.
  9. It's annoying that they've brought forward Peace headlining the FR stage to an earlier time, so they're clashing with TOP. I was hoping to watch Twenty One Pilots, who I at least know some songs of and can tolerate, and then see Peace whilst Post Malone is in. There is nothing for me when Post is on now.
  10. Still haven't got my t shirt which I ordered on 1st July... hopefully soon
  11. Serge's solo album hasn't even come out yet so I don't think you'll see Kasabian's album until next year. I'm doubtful it'll be them. My 3 guesses atm are Catfish, Idles and Sam Fender.
  12. I asked them on Facebook for set lengths for both Reverend and The Libertines. They said they were both on for an hour. However, Circa Waves start an hour after Reverend so they might just be talking rubbish.
  13. Yeah, pretty sure this is just a marketing move.
  14. Seconded. I've seen them at a couple of festivals and I'm seeing them on their tour on Monday. The songs really have an extra oomph live too.
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