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  1. Can only hope you’re offered a chance to reschedule them. We were only 48 quid return with easyjet so not really losing out thankfully.
  2. Lack of communication has been ridiculous. Nothing on social media since April 7th. I noticed that bars in places like Ibiza and Benidorm have opened back up again. Surely they won’t try and push forward with this?
  3. Not really surprised at that
  4. Courteeners LG Capaldi Only change I could maybe see is Kasabian in for someone. Gerry said he’s looking to reschedule not cancel, so if he’s doing Hampden next summer he won’t be at this.
  5. We’ve got flights but only cost 50 quid so we’re not too bothered about losing it.
  6. If that’s the case I think they’d be safer going for a postponement until September
  7. Can’t see it being a map, just looks like a quick graphic they’ve thrown together.
  8. 2 stages and south beach would be enough imo. The 3 big stages last year was just far too much, looked ridiculous half the time.
  9. Just hope they can rely on insurance. Otherwise they may just cut their losses. However, they may be reluctant to do that because it is the most well known festival they’ve got.
  10. Think at this point we’ve got next to no chance unfortunately. Spain’s had it bad, and even if it slows down over the next few weeks I can’t see them taking any unnecessary risks in the coming months.
  11. Olympics never had a chance imo. Beni’s a bit different, not sure how long they can leave it before making a decision. Beginning of June latest?
  12. Think all the European festivals up until the end of July have no chance to be honest. We’ll get ticket money back and my flights were only 50 quid so that’s all I’ll lose. Hopefully most people will have free cancellation on hotels.
  13. Seems a bit daft. We’re booked in there as well but managed to get free cancellation thankfully.
  14. Think pretty much every festival will be the same now. Might be a chance for anyone that hasn’t booked flights/hotels to take a gamble at cheaper prices.
  15. Mate of mine messaged them a few weeks back asking if there’s more to come and they got a reply last night saying very very soon. Probably be this week after the competitions done.
  16. Would be very happy with the snuts and inhaler off the list of upcoming bands for this year.
  17. The link in their Instagram bio. Think they tweeted it as well. Not really a guessing game, just asking about acts.
  18. New guessing game ends 18th, so the announcement will be after that
  19. If they follow the last few years then we’ll probably still be getting announcements in May. Don’t know why they wouldn’t want it out as soon as possible.
  20. Share a few with this already. Would take the chemical brothers as well.
  21. 2 weeks self isolation at south beach.
  22. They’re only ever bothered about date of birth. Even then, a few times my mates have forgot ID and they’ve let them in anyway.
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