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  1. Feel free, we're all friends here plus I'm getting bored of pornhub 😉
  2. Watched this on TV other week,was there but didn't watch it,kinda wish I had now
  3. I'll look it up,I didn't see tbh I can't remember what I did watch now
  4. Forgive the quality, all the good ones have been taken down.
  5. Yep actual fireworks. This could be a contender,was there and tbh I completely forgot about this.
  6. Hi folks. Purposely avoided this site for the last several months as didn't want to be reminded of the agony of the cancellation. Although it didn't stop me binging iPlayer and YouTube a few weekends ago even if the tears were enough to extinguish my bifta 😭 Anyhow whilst watching it got me wondering who you've seen at the farm with the biggest fireworks for one song? Mine is hands down McCartney Live and let die 2004 followed by Coldplay 2016 although I can't name the song but remember it finished with loads of fireworks (fyi yes I am one of these that claims to hate Coldplay but still goes and watches and sings along lol)
  7. Yeah but pinky and the mushroom doesn't quite sound right
  8. How dare you sir,pinky and the brain WILL one day take over the world and that's when trumpington and moggy will learn what true evil is Mwahhhh haha
  9. Good news however,they are remaking pinky and the brain as we speak
  10. And don't like hot ash dropped on them as I found out one very early uncomfortable Thursday morning?
  11. Yes totally agree the easier the better. Think I'm going to invest in the inflatable,we do a lot of camping in summer as well as fest(although ti-peeing nxt year) so looking for a good all rounder,the wife is nagging me to stream line my camping shed* and think this the way to go. *I'll post details and pics as soon as can be arsed but if anyone needs any camping gear give me a shout,rather it gets used then dumped,all free,all in good nick
  12. Cool,thanks for letting me know. Tbh the ease of set up is a big selling point,I must stress I'm extremely lazy. Currently have 5-6 normal pole tents but now considering clear out,been using the Eurohike Tay dlx for last couple of years and fantastic little tent 10min set up on my own but could do with something a touch roomier
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