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  1. Isn't it better for us all to remain optimistic? Every year the prospect of eotr helps me get through the gloom of a British winter. I'm sure that is the case for a lot of us. The thought of being at Larmer Tree Gardens in late summer is more appealing than ever given the current state of things. I'd rather see this forum spread cheery eotr-type vibes than put a downer on things by assuming it'll be cancelled. If people want to be pessimists then fair enough, but one of the things I love most about eotr is that it's a haven of positivity and joy, so I'm staying upbeat and hoping for the best.
  2. Based on previous years we've about another 40-45 music acts still to be announced. Can't imagine there'll be any really big names to come. Maybe a Garden sub or Big Top/Teepee headliner?
  3. Mush Kim Gordon Sports Team Tindersticks Whyte Horses
  4. Pixies current run of dates ends on Sep 2nd so that fits. They typically play 2,000-ish capacity venues at c£40 a ticket so can't imagine they come cheap to bookers. Must be towards the top end of what eotr can afford. An ok if uninspiring booking imo. They've been touring solidly for years so you'd imagine most Eotr types who wanted to see them would have done so by now, right?
  5. The other issue is the tickets will be in your name. I know they haven't asked for ID all of the previous times I've been but don't want to risk it. Basically all I'd have would be a code that you've emailed me. Sorry but it's probably not going to work
  6. Ok. So how would we do the transaction? I'm based in Edinburgh, where are you? Andy
  7. Hi Maria. How much did you want for them? Andy
  8. Hi Maria. Do you still have these tickets for sale? Andy
  9. How about, Cloudbusting is on Hounds of Love which might lead us to The Futureheads? Old friends of EOTR and back touring this year
  10. You're right. Think they spread it out a bit more last year over four announcements. Looks like this time it'll be over three.
  11. Worth noting that last year's additions, which included White Denim, Sunflower Bean, Posies, Iceage, were announced April 5. Final update was July 20 when Shopping, Hater, Amyl & the Sniffers, Daniel Blumberg were added. Based on that we can expect an announcement this time next week.
  12. Dates of EOTR first line up announcements: 2018 Jan 31 2017 Feb 8 2016 Feb 2 2015 Jan 26 As EOTR usually announce their's in the week after GM - in recent years it's been on a Wednesday - then we can expect to see the 2019 line up released February 6.
  13. You've opened up an interesting side debate there - artists who've appeared at earlier EOTRs who wouldn't fit the festival now. I suppose you've got people such as Richard Hawley or Mumford & Sons who've drifted too deeply into the maintstream to work in 2019. Anyone else? (I know this is the predictions thread but can't be arsed to start a new one).
  14. Be amazed if at least one of Calvi, Van Etten or Barnett aren't on the bill this year. The latter two would be Woods headline contenders and Anna Calvi would be high up the bill too considering she subbed Alabama Shakes & Grizzly Bear on Woods in 2012. You'd expect Aldous Harding will be back after having to pull out last year. Other names on tour in 2019 to throw intot he mix: Neko Case, Emmylou Harris, Rufus Wainwright, James Yorkston, EB The Younger, Villagers, Guided By Voices, Julia Jacklin, Let's Eat Grandma.
  15. Lucy Dacus, Snail Mail, The Weather Station & Boy Azooga will all play to bigger audiences next time they come to EOTR. I'd go so far as to say that Lucy and Lindsey are Garden or Woods headliners of the future. So are Idles. Really worry that Richard Dawson is seen as one too. Simply cannot see the appeal myself. Each to their own. Sunflower Bean and Lost Horizons are both very competent bands that lack an ounce of soul. Mulatu Astatke's was up there with greatest ever EOTR sets. Posies were reliably brilliant apart from Ken's constant spitting. At one point he gobbed in John Auer's face. That fella must have the patience of a saint. Big Thief started off in sublime form then seemed to lose their way mid set. Overawed by size of the audience? Destroyer's curtailed set due their lateness was perfect. Less really can be more. Wild Billy Childish is an all round good human being. Josh T Pearson isn't. Amazed by the number of people on site who raved about Jeff Tweedy's set. I love Wilco but on his tod he's dull as. St Vincent is the best headline act in the world right now. I now know that Anna Burch's first name is pronounced to rhyme with Lana (as in Lana Turner) rather with spanner. Serious haircut mind. Better singer than I expected her to be too. Some of the BBC Radio 3 tipi sets were exercises in testing the limits of the audience's patience. Anyone see Moor Mother? - it was like Mulligan and O'Hare on the South Bank Show. More next year please. Marvellous. Can the lead singer in the Oh Sees (can't be arsed to look it up) please lengthen both his guitar strap and his kecks. Wearing shorts on stage during a rock show (and I include Angus Young in this) is not acceptable nor is holding your guitar at chest height a la Mark King from Level 42. Honey Harper. It's gonna end in tears so enjoy her while you can.
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