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  1. Can someone be a little more straightforward than talking about crisps. I assume there are no dogs. Are they patting everyone down? Searching pockets? Making you empty your pockets? Searching bags? Thanks.
  2. I’d be doing same if it wasn’t for Todd Edwards in Downlow. Hopefully I make it in.
  3. These two gonna be sick. They’re on after each other also so i’d get stuck in there.
  4. No harm in trying mate. I’d love that one.
  5. Nah I haven’t had mine. Got the barcode though.
  6. On Wednesday they’re showing the Shane McGowen film at Cinerammergedon there’s a special guest DJ set before hand. Now, Shane has quite a few famous fans. Johnny Depp, Bobby Galespie, and Gerry Adams all appear in the film itself. Surely none of them are doing a DJ set before it. Certainly can’t see Gerry Adams being invited down to drop a few (musical) bombs before the film anyway.
  7. Joy O into Pangea and Pariah will be where it’s at for the bangers.
  8. I’ve never seen Macca. I’ve kind of help off in the hope he’d do my favourite festival on my favourite stage. I’m gonna be with my favourite people and I think it’s gonna be something I look back fondly on for the rest of my life. I can’t wait.
  9. Sound Engineer on at The Park stage
  10. I’d say the same. He’s so multi genre I couldn’t imagine him being particularly different under an alias
  11. There can’t be much over an hour and a half in it. Does it really make much of a difference.
  12. Haha oh god my bad. So at the moment we’re leaning towards Jack White Park and Green Day John Peel?
  13. Bastille for the John Peel is that right? Least saves me and my crew having to make any tough decisions. Couldn’t think of owt worse than watching them men tbh.
  14. Not related to Glastonbury in anyway but this came up on YouTube just had a listen really enjoyed it. Jungle tinged with Jazz. Nice mix.
  15. I’m concerned n’all. I’m getting in that tent for that set though. I’m not waiting around for ages before hand either.
  16. It’s gonna be Chris Martin he rolls out isn’t it. My god have mercy on us all.
  17. No Nineteen Eighty Five? Madness! Goodnight Tonight would be a top 10er for me also.
  18. I can’t believe how little love Kendrick is getting on these forums. He’s easily the act my crew are most excited to see.
  19. Is it a name that’s been mentioned in this thread?
  20. Has it been made bigger the Stonebridge or is that just a rumour?
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